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I have too many journals/blogs/places. I don't know where to post what anymore.
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I sort of hate myself for doing it, but I'm back on lj in a fragmented, tiny way, to pimp the Porn Battle. I don't know if I can write for it, but I will let you know now that the prompt collecting starts (now's your time to influence!), and probably later when the battle itself begins.

*pops in*

May. 23rd, 2008 09:19 pm
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Anyone still here? Show of hands please. Scientific purposes.

Also, questions )
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Here are the subjects of all posts by user [profile] [info]the_obscure in April, 2008.

Fic: Death Mask
Re Heathrow Terminal 5
[observation, bunny]
Fic: Memento Mori
Fic: Private Affairs
[BtVS, sequel to "Unwanted"]
Spike and homophobia
[observation, BtVS]
The Gold Eye of the Yellow Goat
[a very messed up poem]
Tearoom: a short film
Magic: A Fantastic Comedy
FTM vid rec
Squidge: A Call For Help
[take the poll]
Story Time
[fic, BtVS]
Revelation, 6:8
[Highlander, Beatles]
[My trip to the zoo]

And late March:

[two links to serious RL things]
Ficlet: Dick
[BtVS, indulging]
[on LJ]
Carmina Burana
[link to funny]
Ficlet: Buttons
[BtVS, indulging]
In the Garden of Iden
Fic: Unwanted
[BtVS; has sequel, "Private Affairs"]
The Curse of QWERTY
[things to think about]
Silly moment in the jungle
[somewhat Highlander related]

Photography, France, Assorted
Photography, France, Playground
Photography, France, Flowers
Photography, France, Hill
Photography, France, Castle
Photography, France, Forest
[These are all near home; they're the old batch, haven't posted newer ones yet]

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Squidge (By Fen, For Fen) is creating a journals system. Do us all a favour and Take This Poll!!! It's quick. It's easy. It's for your own good.

And please, post this too. It's important that others know.

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LJ is now forcing people to log in if they want to read Adult Filtered entries.

LJ has removed all fandom related interests from the top most popular interests.

LJ owes me, acording to their own email, 632 days of extra userpics, which they don't intend to give me.

The list does go on. I'm not going to tell you everything. I put all my stuff here because all of fandom is here. I curse every day that people stay.

How many here would go to IJ?


I don't *like* IJ. More than anything I'd like a squidge service to be available. But it can't be, not now anyway. Still.



ETA the second: this also is a good link.

ETA March 16: Read what she has to say. That is a creepier problem, and one most of us hadn't encountered, but should know about.
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Okay, I do not get.

Paid account expired. Okay.

But I still have "Extra Userpics: 632 days"?

Which I do not get?

Unless I pay them *more*?
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Some people joined this flist. Hi people! I like people*. I will attempt a welcome message.

Welcome. )
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If you've never listened to me before. If you have and I was right. Listen now:

Squidge dot org. Your best bet for your journaling/fandom future.

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You want my IJ or any other contact information, all you gotta do is ask.

ETA: Links

A collection of links on [ profile] metafandom, regarding the new shit from LJ
We want our money back!
And [ profile] fandom_flies, an exodus community

A bit on the racism wank: [old news now, huh]
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What I'd really like again is a centralised site, which includes its own chatroom/s. *Misses Evan like woah*. A place where all of fandom, all of fandoms, converge, and from which they can then branch out, always with that site as a focal point.

But that of course requires commitment that I don't think any one fan, or even group of fans, can or will give. Also, sadly, in fandom there's so much politics, hierarchy, even the silent kind, that such a site has very little chance of being impartial and seen as such. Whether as a mere tool, or a fannish warm home, I can't quite see it happening.


I wanted the future, but it seems I rely on the past for ideas; content-based rather than people-based. Separation of state and religion a fan's personal journaling and their fandom-oriented material. One for the benefit of human relations, and one for the benefit of fandom as an interest group.


Also, would be interesting to have a centralised community/list such as [ profile] fandom_counts on other places, for example, as a way for InsaneJournal people to find each other and perhaps even to find similar-interest communities.

Note: Very nearly typed "fandom_cunts". That's not a bad name for something or other.
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Please only click if you tend to read this journal and not just stumbled here by mistake.

cut )
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Cat: Mary, friend me and I'll friend you
Adam: I have a dream!.. where that offer would be "scratch me and I'll scratch you", and flists would be called scratching posts.
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Who amongst ye wants to get friended/added on Insanejournal? And/or has comm recs.

Comments are screened for your privacy.


Jul. 4th, 2007 08:45 pm
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Not getting most comments in my email, and probably most other non-lj email as well. I tried tracking back everything I've been doing lately but that's not working too well.

Just FYI.

I feel so disconnected.

ETA: stuff starts pouring back in.
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[ profile] fandom_counts is at 33,999? Oh come ON. One more, baby!



Now I'm just annoyed about how fandom *didn't* move the hell out of lj. Oh well.
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More on livejournal and fandom in general:

YES! What she said.

Also what they are saying, except I have been saying the same thing over and over again since about 2002 at the very least (which is when I was dragged kicking and screaming... but that's another story).

I suspect you all already saw this and its brother.

LJ had an issue with me for days, in the sense that posting, commenting, uploading and everything else didn't go. It was angry with me or just sad. I don't like hurting the feelings of inanimate objects and of concepts. People, I'm okay with.

ETA: If nothing else, at least on lj I learned to make icons. People get very creative in 100x100 pixel format.

On a similar but unrelated "we get screwed" business: [ profile] life_wo_fanlib.


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