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Title: Initiation
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Kronos/Duncan, +
Prompt: dancing, from [ profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle V
Beta and responsibility: [ profile] ceruleancat

Every step is like dancing... )
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I posted Highlander drabbles on a comm. They're here.
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Fic: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
[Working] Title: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
Fandom: Buffy [Angel]
Characters: Giles/Ethan/Wesley
Summary: friends do friends favours
Genre: of the slash pwp variety


Viper: a Kronos drabble.

To Whom It May Concern Responsible For This: a Source drabble.

I actually *liked* "Five Encounters", on the previous links batch.

IJ links

Sep. 23rd, 2007 06:01 pm
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Bit serious fic:
Title: Shape of Things to Come
Fandom: Buffy
Characters: Ethan, Giles
Summary: Something's coming... Something big


Light fic:
Title: A Mind Game of Pool
Fandom: Buffy
Pairings: Giles/Ethan, possibly implied Xander/Anya
Prompt: from Rentonesque: "pool, games, sunset; [the story] must feature at least a couple of guest characters apart from your otp/ main characters"; Casey & Cat: "Dommy Giles"
Summary: tease


Highlander: discussion/bunny about the Horsemen, plus a nice pic of Duncan in red satin. One of those nights, you see.

Also, I owe quite a few comments on LJ. I'll get to it. Not like anyone's in a rush.
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Title: Prima Donnas
Prompt: "Celebrities are able to make demands in their contracts for certain things to be in their dressing rooms. What are your top five demands, and why?"
Warning: lack of serious

Five Highlander:

Kronos demands a slavegirl - they call them "fluffer" these days - and pizza, and a well-decorated throne. He also wants recent issues of medical journals, and a box of matches.

Methos requires beer, and some way to play music - blues and classic rock CDs work fine. A comfortable sofa that fits the highest demands in the field, a high-tech security system, and a good pair of running shoes.

Caspian wants raw snails, throwing knives and "a practice target". He gets disappointed when he's brought a board rather than a person, and his disappointment often leads to him using the bearer of the board as practice target. He also likes to have a full-sized mirror and hair-styling products.

Silas normally wants the room sound-proofed. Rodent-feed and fresh sawdust for his pets, a slavegirl for his penis, and slimfast choco shake.

Duncan wants good wine, a good woman, classical music and a large bed covered in satin. If pressed, his fifth demand would be a hairbrush.

Five Buffy-Angel:

Black candles, red sheets, white cake. A good lighter, and the room must have a sink with running water. Ethan doesn't need much to create much.

An extensive library and a "Do Not Disturb" sign are important to Giles. Other than that, a nice scotch, a pot of tea, and something sweet to eat.

A pack of blood and a pack of smokes, a book of romantic poems, paper and a pen - or feather, indeed. Spike looks tough on the outside, but he doesn't forget his roots.

Lorne wants herbal tea for his voice, massage for his feet, orange juice, sandwiches, and to be left alone before a performance. Secretly, he wants a star on the door.

Lilah lists her demands; a phone, a computer, a desk, a protective circle, and oh, a scarf to hide the wound across her throat.
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Title: Missing Chronicles
Fandom: HL
Character: mostly Joe at first, then Methos, then Duncan and Amanda
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100 Challenge #145 Missing Chronicles XI
Note: I cheat.

Three drabbles )
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Title: Mattress King
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: probably Duncan/Methos
Prompt: "in bed", challenge #143, [ profile] highlander100

under cut )
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Title: Rewrite History
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Duncan MacLeod, Kronos
Summary: first kiss challenge
Request: [ profile] silvercobwebs, "Duncan/Kronos, the Rev AU"

Over 350 words )
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Title: Immies Will Be Immies
Fandom: Highlander
Character: Methos
Type: Gen
Prompt: "Reflex action" for [ profile] highlander100 #139

Methos waits. He knows Duncan should be here in the next half hour, and he's in no hurry. The bar is dark, the music pleasant, the beer is... well, it's a drink. At moments like this, he can almost feel like a normal human being, at least for a while.

When he feels it, the presence, all the hairs on the back of his neck stand. He glances around, fast and unnoticed, hand goes straight to his sword, fingers touching cold metal before he relaxes.

"It's just me," Duncan says and sits across the table.

"Reflex," Methos smiles in apology.

[100][Q to Methos]

Title: Exercise In Futility
Fandom: Highlander
Type: Gen
Prompt: "Dead end" for [ profile] highlander100 #139

In the end, there can be only one. That doesn't bode well for the rest of us, does it? Means that no matter how much you fight, or hide in some people's case, you are more likely, most likely, to end up dead. What a waste.

Not such a great species to belong to. Immortality seems nice, but it's not really, not if all but one must give it up sooner or later. Sooner, usually, now that the hunters of the tender youths roam everywhere, hacking heads off without so much as an introduction. It's nothing but a dead end.

[100][Q to Richie]

Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Fandom: Highlander
Character: Methos/Duncan
Type: Slash adult
Prompt: "Reflex action" for [ profile] highlander100 #139

Duncan surfaces, chokes, coughs. Clears his throat a few more times.

"Don't push yourself," Methos says, because he cares, and because he's not an ass. Duncan returns gingerly to the task, feels the ache in his jaw settling in.

A little while later: Methos dives down, swallowing Duncan to the root. The sensation is overwhelming, but even more than that, the sight; Methos' nose in Duncan's curls, old mischievous eyes sparkling when he looks up and winks, mouth stretched around Duncan's cock. Doesn't take long for the Highlander.

"Reflexes can be unlearned," Methos smiles with a mouth full of come.

[100][Q to Duncan]
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Title: Domestic Abuse
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Duncan/Other
Disclaimer: *facepalm*
Note: for idea, please to be blaming [ profile] calime33.

Duncan MacLeod has a sexual vibe with just about anything; ask anyone. The women lust after him, the men lust after him, the occasional sheep bleats seductively in his general direction. Household appliances, such as spatulas and turkey basters, arch in his grip, and grilled steaks sizzle when he handles them masterfully.

Today, it's the vacuum cleaner's turn.

Duncan eyes it, its elongated snout, its small wheels. The cleaner eyes Duncan back, promising, enticing. It couldn't have been more obvious if it had been licking a red lollipop. Adventurous by nature, Duncan investigates the newest attachment, and then slowly screws it on the end of the vacuum's long hose-like appendage. He bends down slowly, and clicks on the machine's button. Immediately, the cleaner emits a steady sound, a kind of purring, growling, a sound that rolls over Duncan like a bewitching tune. It's also great to hide his moans from the neighbours. He sits down on the carpet, and aims.

Some time later, at the Hall of Duncan...

"I was just.... testing something." Duncan's face is red. Methos can't see, but he's willing to bet that's not the only part of Duncan that's red.

He surveys the damages. "You have rug burns, and a vacuum attachment.... attached."

"The rug burns are already fading." Duncan sulks. And avoids eye-contact. "And the attachment will... probably.... fall off, when I'm less... interested."

"Why are you still interested?" Methos, curious, touches the hose. It wobbles. Duncan winces.

"He's a very nice vacuum cleaner!"
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From [ profile] janedavitt:
Describe something, anything, in 26 words, in alphabetical order. Post them here or on your own LJ.

A barren cross, devoid enough; for god's hell's irresistible. Jealous kindred learn more. No order, precious quest rolls, strutting, towards unearthed, voyeuristic world. Xenophobia, your zeal.

[Ethan Rayne]
Alone, because Chaos devoted Ethan for grandeur, hell, individuality. Joking kindly. Learning man, nature, other. Pouring questions, rousing storms. Teaching untraditional values. Without x-factor, yearning zygosis.

[Giles' POV]
And Buffy. Careless, dangerous. Easy, fun-loving girl. Her inner juncture - kill, live, mourn, never offer pause... Queen's ransom, strength's tiara. Unity, victory: Willow, Xander... young, zealous.

Adam's been careful, decades, eons, for generations. Hidden in juniority. Kronos loved Methos, no options presented, questions ruled-out systematically. To unwilling veteran, warning, x-sign, yield, zehirut.

Always be chivalrous, Duncan. Even for girls. Help in jeopardy. Kill lawless men, neuter oppressive patrons. Quart random strangers, teach unsuspecting villains. Wield x-rated yoga Zen.
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Title: Punch
Fandom: Highlander
Genre: Gen, pre-slash
Character: Duncan MacLeod
Note: for [ profile] highlander100, challenge 135, "Stress Relief"
& Mary who said "punching bag"
click )

Title: Touch
Fandom: Highlander
Genre: slashy
Character: Methos, Duncan
Note: for [ profile] highlander100, challenge 135, "Stress Relief"
& Mary who said "bunk time"
click )

Title: Slosh
Fandom: Highlander
Genre: slash
Character: Methos/Duncan
Note: for [ profile] highlander100, challenge 135, "Stress Relief"
& Mary who said "a book and a bath"
click )
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Title: Cure-All
Note: [ profile] highlander100, #134, "Chocolate" + "Resurrection"
Characters: Duncan, Amanda

"He's out."

"Shouldn't he be getting up by now?"

Voices, somewhere far above his head. Everything is foggy. Damn quickening. Damn sprinklers. It's all coming back to him. He hates getting shot.

"He's immortal. If he takes his time... well, that's a good trait in some fields."

"Very funny, Amanda. Look, he should be awake already. I'm getting worried."

"Don't be. I have the remedy right here."

Some rummaging, and then, sniff sniff, the smell of...

Duncan sits up in a flash, so fast he's dizzy. Not too dizzy to reach and grab.

"Chocolate." Amanda nods knowingly. "Works every time."

[100][Q to Amanda]
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Title: In Memoriam
Pairing: Duncan/Methos
Note: "In Memoriam", [ profile] highlander100 #133
Credit where credit's due: the whole of the first line is from [ profile] calime33 in chat.


"When one kills the End of Time, does that mean one has made more time, or does that mean that there is now absolutely nothing?" Duncan asks, hand resting in the middle of Methos' chest, feeling the heart under the warm skin. He's not sure if he's being silly or serious. He's still not sure what this all means.

They're in bed.

They're in love.

Yet their comfort is so fragile. Old memories haunt their nights.

He's done the right thing.

"It means you cheated Death," Methos whispers, a smile on his lips that Duncan cannot see in the darkness.

[100][Q to Kronos]
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Title: Rear View
For: [ profile] highlander100, "Fashion Woes", #128

Methos is very uncomfortable.

Not that the trousers aren't a snug fit, because they are. Oh, they are. The material is soft and supple, and smells wonderfully of modern leather, as opposed to the old hides he can still remember with a shudder. There's just enough space in the crotch area to be snug, not too tight, and showing just the right amount to titillate without... being cheap.

It's just the looks. Front, back, when he walks by, when he made the mistake and bent to pick up a paper he dropped. Duncan looks positively hungry.

Methos is very uncomfortable.

[100][Q to poor Duncan]
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Title: Kink # Fear play
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Methos/Duncan
Note: inspired by [ profile] 50kinkyways

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Title: Not Even Close
Challenge: "Highlander, Duncan/Kronos, I love to hate you" for [ profile] calime33
At [ profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle
Note: South Texas, 1867; CaH
Summary: more a fight/UST than porn

It's easier to hate... )


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