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I'm writing the prompts, I'm writing.

I do have a problem though. Some of the ones I got from the meme, plus some of the ones I get from my usual prompts community, they all lead me in one direction. Keep picking at the same wound.

With that, I have two problems. A, just how many times can I write the same basic story obsessively before everyone is sick and tired of it, and B, well, some of the things would be perfect for happy smut, and all I get is torture and torment and lack of joy. Which would probably bring... sharper reactions in readers, maybe, but, I don't *want* to write misery.
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There's a "post bits of your WIPs" meme going around. I go hmmm.

I have hundreds, possibly thousands of started files. No, I'm not exaggerating. Most though I wouldn't consider exactly works in progress, as there is no work, nor progress. Some are stories that I abandoned, some stories I forgot and might stumble back to, some day. Some are just ideas or lines I had to get out of my head. Some are bad, although some I suspect are really good.

Because there is so much on my mind, I can't concentrate on any of them. I can't say, "yes, these dozen are worth posting bits of".


Jun. 13th, 2007 08:49 am
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Much bad writing done today. Methinks me will just scrap the whole lot and start again tomorrow, or whenever I get some good sleep.


Some pretty art done though.
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Title: Authorship
Fandom: Highlander
Genre: Gen
Character: Methos
Note: for [ profile] highlander100, challenge 135, "Stress Relief"

Writing is a relief. Being able to put all his thoughts down, being sure he won't forget. Sure history will be on his side, because his words are ink on paper, or blood on hide, or chiselled into stone.

After he puts it all down in eloquent sentences, he breathes easier. The frantic urgency has lessened. A vague, hidden fear has been lifted. It feels, in a way, like a good long piss after a hard day of horseback riding with no pit stop. Getting rid of the festering poison inside, while leaving his mark for the world to see.

[100][Q to Methos]


Apr. 5th, 2007 10:23 pm
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I added another bit to the Bad Romance Novel meme entry, when it dawned on me: those excerpts could never stand-alone. They all rely on canon, in-joke or at least knowledge of detail - the first requires just knowledge of a main thing in canon, the second though refers to a minor, inconsequential detail that is easily forgotten by non-fans, and the third is directly quoting something that isn't even in its fandom, or, not exactly.

... I realise not many read it, but it does make me wonder, of the few and brave who do read it, how much is lost because it's too... "clear in my head, but not said explicitly in the story". And how would I handle it in Proper Original Fic, which I do write but don't post.
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There is a comm in which there is a prompt table of 50 words (for kink, if you must know). Inspired, I decided to write to that table. However, I did not sign up: the comm works on claims of fandom/pairing/character, and I was challenging myself to write *different* pairings for every prompt, because that would be harder for me. ETA: The comm is [ profile] 50kinkyways and the table is in their profile.

So far, I have these pairings: : Giles/Ethan; Spike/Drusilla; Francis Urquhart/Geoffrey Booza Pitt; Wesley/Lindsey; Simon/Kaylee; Oz; Kronos/Cassandra; Krycek/Mulder; Jhiera of Oden Tal[Angel]; Darla; Methos/Duncan; Philip/Henry, Philip/Richard; Faith/Zoe[Eureka]

Poll )

ETA several hours later:
I have added more than the missing five kinks; now have many.
Also now pondering how many to post and when.
And considering just dumping the damn table and write as many kinks as I possibly can with no... guidelines.

To write.

Dec. 18th, 2006 08:55 am
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These are some fairly good writing exercises.

ETA unrelated: meme from [ profile] candygramme:

Visit to learn your Lustsign!
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Some interesting words on the "please write more of this" phenomenon from Jane Espenson.


May. 5th, 2004 07:46 pm
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Point is, I like writing angst some times. True, I tend to add a happy end, but not always, and I like touching darkness. But. If a character gets nothing but angst in his canon, gets kicked repeatedly, gets *hurt*, I don't want to write him angst. I want to pet him and cuddle him and protect him. He gets enough evil in canon. So I do an angstectomy. I remove all the bad bits, I let the boy enjoy a mostly safe environment. In severe cases, a completely safe environment. I write him reacting in-character under the new circumstances he's in. And I do my best not to let him get hurt.

And on a completely unrelated topic: Squee!GIP.

Gave to [ profile] weirdnessmagnet :)


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