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still can't post fics
now have about 11 of them
and not finished
when lj comes back, it will be spam day like woah

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There is a comm in which there is a prompt table of 50 words (for kink, if you must know). Inspired, I decided to write to that table. However, I did not sign up: the comm works on claims of fandom/pairing/character, and I was challenging myself to write *different* pairings for every prompt, because that would be harder for me. ETA: The comm is [ profile] 50kinkyways and the table is in their profile.

So far, I have these pairings: : Giles/Ethan; Spike/Drusilla; Francis Urquhart/Geoffrey Booza Pitt; Wesley/Lindsey; Simon/Kaylee; Oz; Kronos/Cassandra; Krycek/Mulder; Jhiera of Oden Tal[Angel]; Darla; Methos/Duncan; Philip/Henry, Philip/Richard; Faith/Zoe[Eureka]

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ETA several hours later:
I have added more than the missing five kinks; now have many.
Also now pondering how many to post and when.
And considering just dumping the damn table and write as many kinks as I possibly can with no... guidelines.
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Okay, not a million, a bit less.

I didn't post fic all of November. I haven't posted fic since Oct 29, in fact. At times, I felt kinda guilty for all the people who befriended me in the meantime and got no fic, but I said I could do it, and I did. I'm proud.

Here are a few of the HL drabbles I wrote in the meantime.

First of all, the old. Three drabbles I already posted on a comm:

Three )

Next, per request:

[ profile] calime33: things kronos lied to methos about and things methos told kronos the truth about?
[ profile] calime33: things duncan thought about kronos he'd never tell methos?
[ profile] calime33: things cassandra thought about methos she'd never tell anyone, even herself?

Four drabbles )

More KMD for Cali:

Another one )

A Methos drabble on drabbling:

One )

And a really old one that I think I forgot to post, that isn't a drabble, but a 144 word bit by [ profile] calime33's request:

The one with the lipstick )

And a POLL: )


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