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You guys' prayers kept him alive last time. It was Nov '09 when they told me he "may have eight weeks" to live. I posted here. He's alive.

I just got a call saying they found metastasis/cells/cancer in his brain. Starting specific radiation tomorrow, and when they're done with a round, they'll get back to the extreme experimental chemo he's on.

So I'm posting here. Yeah, I don't know what to do with that.
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I just spotted a GROSS fucking mistake in a fic from early Feb last year. A fic which was read by me, my beta, me again, and then actually by other people. And no one noticed it.

It's not a tiny typo. It's not a style nitpick. This is a fucking BIG mistake, of the kind that goes like "he dropped the glass, but somehow it never ended up on the floor, only kept hovering in midair and was never mentioned again". THAT kind of mistake.

No one TOLD ME.

No one noticed today, when I gave the url to people and said "omg why didn't you tell me there was such a big fuckup in there?!".

Okay, you lot, if you read any of mine and it has that mistake in it - typos too, yeah, but mostly if there's a big "I'm sorry, have you heard of REALITY" bit missing there...


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Okay, are you aware of this?

Adam Baldwin ... Clark Kent/Superman
James Marsters ... Lex Luthor
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Hans Christian Andersen, a Danny Kaye movie. I'm watching.

He's holding a [naked] doll and says he'd make it a Queen doll, and asks who brought the dress for the queen, and no one has, and he says, then we'll make it a king, all it takes is to tip the crown a little to the side, and there we go. Queer people in the audience choose this moment to hide a chuckle or two.

And then, a little boy says, "it's not a king, it's just a queen with a mustache!"

And Danny Kaye sitting there amidst the group of children says, "you'd be surprised how many kings are really just queens with a mustache."

I believe the phrase I'm looking for is Oh No You Didn't followed closely by Queer Subtext In Hollywood In The 1940s-1950s".

And this is the second time today I'm looking at my TV with wide eyes and saying, "what the hell do non-slashers think this was about?!", first time being when a male teacher is being flirted at by female student at first, and then two minutes later a male student leaves an apple on his desk, smiles shyly and leaves the room.

No, really. What do people think, exactly? Just how blind can the majority be?

You don't have to answer that.

Shit. WTF.

Feb. 24th, 2007 04:00 am
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It's four in the morning. We're in bed. Not a soul moving in the house, even the felines are deep asleep.

There's a strange noise. And a strange smell. I get up.

Fucking electric kettle is smoking. The switch is black.

The thing was *off*. It had cold water in it. No one's touched it in two hours or so.

WTF? How did it do this?

Now I'm thinking, the next kettle can do that any time. If we leave the house, and we think everything's safe because, everything's turned off - it's not safe. I've been leaving my cats with a kettle that can burn itself without being touched.

I'm a bit scared.
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Methos walks down the street.... )

Blame: mostly Paul Simon, partly one Methos.
Blame for posting: Cat and Cali
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Title: Care Bear Package
Fandom: Highlander
Explanation and excuses: all specifications came from [ profile] mischief5; she managed to reach heights of wtf even I couldn't get to on my own. So, in short, everything is her fault, and I had to make sure it's known to everyone who reads. Thank you.
Summary: We share everything.

The big man was on his back, legs spread, ass glistening with lube.

"Look, Methos," he said with an excited giggle. "Kronos gave me a present. I asked him for one of those little bears..."

Methos took a closer look and indeed, there it was. A lavender coloured plastic dildo, shaped like a care-bear.

"The fuck?" Exclaimed Death.

"I think... Oh," Silas groaned, "that [ profile] mischief5 made [ profile] sparklebutch make Kronos give it."

Methos sighed. He reached very carefully and removed the offensive item from his brother. He then walked to [ profile] mischief5 and quietly, calmly, hit her over the head with it.

[end][100 words]
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Title: His Glowing Member
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100, "sex"
Note: This is set in The Strange World of K/M/D
Blame: [ profile] cyberducks, here.

"Why is your penis glowing?"

"I am not sure," Methos says, looking downwards with a worried expression on his strangely illuminated face.

"Maybe it's radioactive," Kronos says, curiously excited.

"Maybe it's the fairies, bewitched it with their magic dust," says Duncan in a slightly more pronounced accent than usual.

"Yes, it's a magical wand," Kronos mocks.

"Well, it's not Iran's new weapon!" Duncan gets irritated.

They ponder it, while Methos tries on semi-sheer skirts for the somewhat hippie lampshade effect.

"Maybe it's that it's the centre of the universe," Kronos reaches a conclusion eventually.

"Yes, it's probably that," Duncan agrees.

[100][Q to Fitz. Ask me not for a reason.]
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I don't really get stories, I get flashes of images.

And in my head I see those old ancient folk songs that people sing while dressed in traditional outfits and dancing around the fire. And I look and I see a bunch of strange computer geeks dancing in a circle with the arms together, singing "llama llama duck".

Also, Spike and Angel getting married. )


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