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Incan bones found in Norway. And I'm the only one going "did you just say two older men and a baby?"

PS and unrelated, I posted those bad fics you told me to. The finished ones anyway, not the random snippets.
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If anyone tells you, in regard to your slashing tendencies, that 'not everyone is gay',
Please to be reminding them that not everyone is straight either.
And for oh, a thousand years or so, the 'realistic' proportion of heteros in fiction of all kinds was
MASSIVELY distorted.
So we're taking back the night, the daytime television, and everything in between.
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Jim, to Blair, pretending to read a fortune cookie:
"Your partner puts the 'dim' in dim sum".

(that's old, we knew that; was it really meant to be an insult?)

Wiki: Dim Sum is a Cantonese phrase (點心), literally "touch the heart"

...So which part is the dim, then, "touch" or "heart"?.. Because either way, romantic. Just when you thought there is no more room for slash to be stuffed into the Sentinel.
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I said, I said "There needs to be a Life on Mars vid to "Gay Bar"..

The Interneth Provideth. I found one.

It's not... the way I would've done it, I have to say. Different rhythm, also, there need to be a LOT more shots of Gene/Sam in a bar. Being gay. Seriously. But still, good to see that Everything Exists On The Internet.
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Title: Hamster In A Pumpkin
Fandom: Top Gear
Summary: there was a Halloween challenge by [ profile] oz_the_bobble
Rating: milder than the show.

cut per request )
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Title: Origin of a Name
Summary: My first Top Gear OT3 smutlet!
Disclaimer: Oh come ON. Seriously. No, I have never witnessed any kind of romantic involvement between these three people.

Warning: RPS drabble )

Warning: RPS six-word-stories )

Should I post this on a community I just joined?

I ponder.

Oct. 20th, 2006 08:08 pm
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I know in slash people keep mentioning things about freeing the caged cocks from their denim prison etc etc, and I have to ask this: I don't read enough het or f/f, so I'm not sure, but do people use the same type of terminology for bras? Because from what I see around, people with boobs are the people who need freeing and relief at the end of long days.
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A very random slashy moment.


I was amused to discover that there are 43 people in the U.S. named Adam Pierson. Also, there is 1 person in the U.S. named Melvin Koren, which is even more amusing.

Very few others will be amused to discover that:
There are 0 people in the U.S. named Taru Kriegman.
There are 0 people in the U.S. named Gustav Kriegman.

From [ profile] remey.
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Go look in [ profile] ceruleancat's lj, a post with links about an Egyptian tomb of an m/m couple.
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Who the hell on my flist wanted Robert Sean Leonard slash? I think I found some, with Alan Davies. I also found Fry/Laurie, really cute pics of the Hamster eating a card of some kind, a gif pic of Fry petting Laurie's nipples, and... some more things. It's been one strange day.


ETA2: my tags are a sad pathetic mess.


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