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I realised recently that this username sounds like a Transformer.
A very cool one.


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Thanks for all the birthday wishes :)

If I missed someone, I am a bad person and you can spank me if you want to. Provided you give a link to where I missed things.
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Erotica and death; a woman falling from a tall building, her skirt billowing around her like a Marilyn Monroe upside-down. Panic makes it seem like slow motion, beautiful movements in a dance that lasts moments, seconds, last seconds of a life. Morbid, fragile fascination. Her death is a scene. No one thinks about the person inside that body while it's sailing through the air, surrounded by a whirlpool of thin chiffon-y fabric. That is the price you pay for a visual-oriented mind. They only think of the poor dead woman when she's earth-bound again, and broken.
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Cat: Mary, friend me and I'll friend you
Adam: I have a dream!.. where that offer would be "scratch me and I'll scratch you", and flists would be called scratching posts.
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This just caught my eye on the telly:

Second Doctor Charged Over Terror Plot

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Was bitching in chat that I have this tendency to stick Ethan into everything... Willow's magic, Wes/Illyria, Connor...

[ profile] ceruleancat: [Ethan]'s a magic ingredient that improves every dish, but isn't for everyone's taste. Like garlic.

(After which a whole conversations about vampires, and burning Rupert's tongue, ensued. But the quote, the great Ethan quote, I had to bring you.)


Jul. 13th, 2007 06:01 pm
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I was away, quite a long time in my terms, pretty sure no one noticed. I just checked my flist.

There were cool things, for example, this slideshow of people and their avatars. Very interesting. Anthropologically speaking. People always tell you that gamers use the internet to create their dream persona and live a life so far from their own, but at the end of the day most of these avatars resemble the player to a funny degree.

There were also fics. And some insane news articles that made me think "is it April now?", both online and offline. The porn battle started, put its prompts up. Sadly, I don't know that I can write porn these days. Haven't succeeded much lately, in terms of audience-pleasing.


Jul. 6th, 2007 03:51 pm
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Yesterday, middle of the night, I click at my TV and it shows me this bit here. Now, there's a guy in red red lipstick and pretty eyelashes, and soon enough he frenches another guy and I'm sort of focusing and liking, and I go, "Wash?... Is that you, Wash?"... Only I'm not sure because I'm fuzzy in the brains, and also lipstick on guys distracts me.

So I get up and check. And then I decide to share this with the people on my flist.
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Lordi. [ profile] nematoddity has many, many links to Lordi songs. Down that post.

And one to librarian tattoos. Oh, Ripper.

And more stuff around, too. Toys n' stuff.
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Why is there a Nils Holgerson episode called "Lex's evil scheme"?
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How come it's "illegal" to write about incest, but not about murder (or mass murder)?
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It's Friday night. I'm boiling bones.
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I propose that we avoid any tendency to view charisma as an objective essence that is found or absent in a person. Charisma is a property or energy associated with certain people by others. In the absence of an audience, there is no charisma, and not all audiences are sensitive to the same charisma. People who are amazingly influential with one group would be subject to scorn in another group. In other words, charisma is a dialogue. Those ascribed with it do something that the group forcefully responds to, but in the absence of a group to respond, nurture and nourish it, there can be no existence to the relationship we refer to as charisma. The exact nature of this property, this energy that people purport to identify remains unclear. The content changes with circumstances: exceptional courage, self-confidence that instils confidence in others, a sense that the person is in direct contact with god (the word stems from the Greek word charis–grace/favour).

Fra Ginepro's Leg of Pork/Aviad Kleinberg
Translation by [ profile] ceruleancat
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Oh, my. Oh wow. I forgot... I forgot how much I loved Meloni and Tergesen. I forgot all the cute.

I forgot the quotes, the incredible quotes. I forgot just how dysfunctional two mortals can be if given the chance.


Feb. 5th, 2007 05:32 am
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Say, does anyone know House of Cards / To Play the King / The Final Cut?


Dec. 26th, 2006 06:44 am
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I cannot watch Holby as a Highlander-verse sub-set.

At least not unless someone writes Anton Meyer and Tom Campbell-Gore as immies. Which I doubt anyone will.

Link to discussion
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I had a sex dream about John Glover! Ho Go me.

I took some pictures of my cats. Scans soon to follow.

Mood: Hating on ya'll.
Music: Lola
Colour of underwear: Black
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I'm trying to upload my art.

The thumbnails seem bad quality, but when clicked they seem fine. If this works okay, I might just upload proper art - this is just "some of what I doodled since November started". There are a couple of large pics - some not worksafe, mind - but most are icons, arty ones, Highlander, Buffy, my new boy Maxx, everything.

If you go look, please tell me what you think about jalbum as a gallery base, if the thumbnails are acceptable in quality, and if I should do this to a larger amount of art on my site.


Oct. 31st, 2006 06:32 pm
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The lovely [ profile] evildrem brought me a Frank-o-lantern:

and I muchly appreciate, with hugs n' love.

Although I don't think I was meant to think about pumpkin soup with goat cheese, and grilled goat with a side of mashed pumpkin.


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