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Was bitching in chat that I have this tendency to stick Ethan into everything... Willow's magic, Wes/Illyria, Connor...

[ profile] ceruleancat: [Ethan]'s a magic ingredient that improves every dish, but isn't for everyone's taste. Like garlic.

(After which a whole conversations about vampires, and burning Rupert's tongue, ensued. But the quote, the great Ethan quote, I had to bring you.)
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I propose that we avoid any tendency to view charisma as an objective essence that is found or absent in a person. Charisma is a property or energy associated with certain people by others. In the absence of an audience, there is no charisma, and not all audiences are sensitive to the same charisma. People who are amazingly influential with one group would be subject to scorn in another group. In other words, charisma is a dialogue. Those ascribed with it do something that the group forcefully responds to, but in the absence of a group to respond, nurture and nourish it, there can be no existence to the relationship we refer to as charisma. The exact nature of this property, this energy that people purport to identify remains unclear. The content changes with circumstances: exceptional courage, self-confidence that instils confidence in others, a sense that the person is in direct contact with god (the word stems from the Greek word charis–grace/favour).

Fra Ginepro's Leg of Pork/Aviad Kleinberg
Translation by [ profile] ceruleancat
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And a minor shoutout to Cinder:

"As private parts to the gods are we, they play with us for their sport."
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Old episode of Friends, and Phoebe's sitting in the café and Rachel runs in, and Phoebe says she's busy concentrating, and Rachel says, what are you doing. And Phoebe says, "Trying to move that pencil" (on the table in front of her); and Rachel lifts the thing up and says "This one?", and Phoebe says "Yay, it worked!" ... And everybody laughs.

Welcome to Results Magic; it's not a joke. This is how it works.

...In a somewhat related item, I'm thinking of moving all my "serious" posts to another LJ and leave this one maybe fandomy alone.
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Reading article. On Chaos Magic. Some idiots people have spent much time posting to say "how dare they treat the subject as if it is real!"

I am deeply amused by one reply:

"Yup, I know many people who practice it. And I do as well. To me (and those I know) it is very real. And with reason. However it could always be that we are imagining things. But that could apply to virtually anything."
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"Although they have good-looking women, they pay very little attention to them, but are really crazy about having sex with men. They are accustomed to sleep on the ground on animal skins and roll around with male bed-mates on both sides. Heedless of their own dignity, they abandon without qualm the bloom of their bodies to others. And the most incredible thing is that they don’t think this is shameful. But when they proposition someone, they consider it dishonourable if he doesn’t accept the offer!"

Diodorus Siculus (1.BCE)
[quote found here]

My only note: Bloom of their bodies? A new high of badfic hath been found.
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A 1924 entry in Evelyn Waugh's diary states that an English High Court judge presiding in a sodomy case sought advice on sentencing from Lord Birkenhead. "Could you tell me", he asked, "what do you think one ought to give a man who allows himself to be buggered?" Birkenhead replied without hesitation, "Oh, 30 shillings or £2; whatever you happen to have on you."

From Wiki
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Hans Christian Andersen, a Danny Kaye movie. I'm watching.

He's holding a [naked] doll and says he'd make it a Queen doll, and asks who brought the dress for the queen, and no one has, and he says, then we'll make it a king, all it takes is to tip the crown a little to the side, and there we go. Queer people in the audience choose this moment to hide a chuckle or two.

And then, a little boy says, "it's not a king, it's just a queen with a mustache!"

And Danny Kaye sitting there amidst the group of children says, "you'd be surprised how many kings are really just queens with a mustache."

I believe the phrase I'm looking for is Oh No You Didn't followed closely by Queer Subtext In Hollywood In The 1940s-1950s".

And this is the second time today I'm looking at my TV with wide eyes and saying, "what the hell do non-slashers think this was about?!", first time being when a male teacher is being flirted at by female student at first, and then two minutes later a male student leaves an apple on his desk, smiles shyly and leaves the room.

No, really. What do people think, exactly? Just how blind can the majority be?

You don't have to answer that.


Mar. 11th, 2007 12:18 pm
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That is just the way with Memory; nothing that she brings to us is complete. She is a willful child; all her toys are broken. I remember tumbling into a huge dust-hole when a very small boy, but I have not the faintest recollection of ever getting out again; and if memory were all we had to trust to, I should be compelled to believe I was there still.

~ Jerome K. Jerome
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"Men are from Mars; I'm from Bromley." ~David Bowie


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