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Here are the subjects of all posts by user [profile] [info]the_obscure in April, 2008.

Fic: Death Mask
Re Heathrow Terminal 5
[observation, bunny]
Fic: Memento Mori
Fic: Private Affairs
[BtVS, sequel to "Unwanted"]
Spike and homophobia
[observation, BtVS]
The Gold Eye of the Yellow Goat
[a very messed up poem]
Tearoom: a short film
Magic: A Fantastic Comedy
FTM vid rec
Squidge: A Call For Help
[take the poll]
Story Time
[fic, BtVS]
Revelation, 6:8
[Highlander, Beatles]
[My trip to the zoo]

And late March:

[two links to serious RL things]
Ficlet: Dick
[BtVS, indulging]
[on LJ]
Carmina Burana
[link to funny]
Ficlet: Buttons
[BtVS, indulging]
In the Garden of Iden
Fic: Unwanted
[BtVS; has sequel, "Private Affairs"]
The Curse of QWERTY
[things to think about]
Silly moment in the jungle
[somewhat Highlander related]

Photography, France, Assorted
Photography, France, Playground
Photography, France, Flowers
Photography, France, Hill
Photography, France, Castle
Photography, France, Forest
[These are all near home; they're the old batch, haven't posted newer ones yet]

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I just spotted a GROSS fucking mistake in a fic from early Feb last year. A fic which was read by me, my beta, me again, and then actually by other people. And no one noticed it.

It's not a tiny typo. It's not a style nitpick. This is a fucking BIG mistake, of the kind that goes like "he dropped the glass, but somehow it never ended up on the floor, only kept hovering in midair and was never mentioned again". THAT kind of mistake.

No one TOLD ME.

No one noticed today, when I gave the url to people and said "omg why didn't you tell me there was such a big fuckup in there?!".

Okay, you lot, if you read any of mine and it has that mistake in it - typos too, yeah, but mostly if there's a big "I'm sorry, have you heard of REALITY" bit missing there...


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Some people joined this flist. Hi people! I like people*. I will attempt a welcome message.

Welcome. )
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No, 'cause I found this. I can like that.

It's pretty. In that "squeal about the disturbingness" way.

BTW, I'm mostly updating with fic and random notes on my IJ, although I should do a post of links here. Just that this is SV and if anyone at all I know is still doing it, it's here, not there.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:02 am
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Can people please stop saying "I'm an obscure unknown little fan, I only get about 30 feedback comments per fic"? It's really, really annoying.

ETA after several hours of sleep: now I feel a bit guilty for posting this, because while it's not aimed at one particular person (I've seen too many with this complaint), it seems more people read this entry than I thought would!
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Erotica and death; a woman falling from a tall building, her skirt billowing around her like a Marilyn Monroe upside-down. Panic makes it seem like slow motion, beautiful movements in a dance that lasts moments, seconds, last seconds of a life. Morbid, fragile fascination. Her death is a scene. No one thinks about the person inside that body while it's sailing through the air, surrounded by a whirlpool of thin chiffon-y fabric. That is the price you pay for a visual-oriented mind. They only think of the poor dead woman when she's earth-bound again, and broken.
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Cat: Mary, friend me and I'll friend you
Adam: I have a dream!.. where that offer would be "scratch me and I'll scratch you", and flists would be called scratching posts.


Jul. 13th, 2007 06:01 pm
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I was away, quite a long time in my terms, pretty sure no one noticed. I just checked my flist.

There were cool things, for example, this slideshow of people and their avatars. Very interesting. Anthropologically speaking. People always tell you that gamers use the internet to create their dream persona and live a life so far from their own, but at the end of the day most of these avatars resemble the player to a funny degree.

There were also fics. And some insane news articles that made me think "is it April now?", both online and offline. The porn battle started, put its prompts up. Sadly, I don't know that I can write porn these days. Haven't succeeded much lately, in terms of audience-pleasing.


Jul. 6th, 2007 03:51 pm
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Yesterday, middle of the night, I click at my TV and it shows me this bit here. Now, there's a guy in red red lipstick and pretty eyelashes, and soon enough he frenches another guy and I'm sort of focusing and liking, and I go, "Wash?... Is that you, Wash?"... Only I'm not sure because I'm fuzzy in the brains, and also lipstick on guys distracts me.

So I get up and check. And then I decide to share this with the people on my flist.

I so ded.

Jun. 25th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Classy porn! so you don't have to miss me.

Also: yes, I know I owe comments, and not-good-fic, and also a long list of things I want to give to you lot (mostly magazines, some books, I hope there are takers who promise to love and cherish my precious stuffs). Maybe when the weather's less hellish. I promise.
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Okay, are you aware of this?

Adam Baldwin ... Clark Kent/Superman
James Marsters ... Lex Luthor


Jun. 13th, 2007 08:49 am
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Much bad writing done today. Methinks me will just scrap the whole lot and start again tomorrow, or whenever I get some good sleep.


Some pretty art done though.
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It's Friday night. I'm boiling bones.


May. 7th, 2007 03:15 pm
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I added many icons.

But no proper art uploaded.
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The reason no one should ever put "Willow" and "pussy" in the same sentence.

/is reading old-skool type fic.
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I had a sex dream about John Glover! Ho Go me.

I took some pictures of my cats. Scans soon to follow.

Mood: Hating on ya'll.
Music: Lola
Colour of underwear: Black
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All hail [ profile] mischief5, who hath gotten me This: )

The important thing is, she's a wonderful person. The licking and the bouncing upon her gently shall commence at a later stage, and in private, because I spare you lot. I just wanted to gloat a little - don't make me regret it.
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I post this with fear for wankery, but I decided to post it anyway, because some things are better said than not.

So recently someone got trashed because people bitched about her use of BDSM in fic. Regardless of that specific fic, I have several things to say, which I thought everyone knew but obviously there are people who learn Everything They Know About BDSM from fluffy fic, meaning, they know shit (but not, you know, scat. Nevermind that).

First of all. BDSM does NOT always include sex. In many cases it doesn't even go there. It most certainly does not have to include orgasms for everyone involved every single time. To me, it only shows how people are affected by their own misconceptions when they read fanfic, completely disregarding other options.

Second. If there are no safewords, that's a bit daft on the part of the Top, who should be spanked for it in my opinion, but it's most definitely NOT "evil cruel torture". Torture is a huge word. If you want torture, watch a bit of news on occasion. Side note: people use certain words far too easily, like torture, rape, abuse, stalk, and various other things which are serious crimes that ruin people's lives in a way that's hard to imagine, especially if you're so quick to use them.

Third, and now we're really moving from the original subject, but did you know a LOT of what people do in BDSM is never mentioned in fic? I'm sure you did. I'm not calling for golden showers every other fandom, because really, I won't enjoy reading it, but let's face it, there's a lot of kinks (some good for me to read, some really not) that are never touched in slash. Why is that.

Fourth, I guess warnings for hardcore depend on the fandom. Partly based on canon material and how dark it is, partly based on the fanbase and how old/kinky/mature/perverted they are. Still, I think people need to be more aware of different perceptions, and not jump quite so quickly at every little thing.


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