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NCIS fic series Wake Up Call

Characters: Gibbs, Palmer, Ducky, Tony
Warnings (promises): Slash, kink

Work in progress series, but each chapter can be read as a finished standalone
one crossover with QAF UK
Best read in the order listed, not the order posted.

Wake Up Call: INDEX PAGE
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Title: Never Kiss A Boy On The First Date
Fandoms: NCIS, BtVS/AtS
Pairing: Abby/Angel[us]
Warning: het
Prompt: off [ profile] panpolyboygirl's generator, "kissing, near a cemetery"

Kissing near a cemetery has its own peculiar charm, not just because it's so goth but because it's quiet, peaceful, and romantic because it makes you glad you're alive. Not that you're glad the people in there are dead, but there you have it. Plus, they're the only two people here, Abby says to her date after their first kiss, which was drawn out and lasted a few good minutes in the shade of the cemetery wall, not that there's any shade because it's night, and this street is dark. Who'd walk here, so close to a cemetery, after midnight? Except goth couples, of course, out for a romantic stroll.

Her date smiles and nods, and bends to kiss her again. She's on platforms, but he's tall. Tall, dark, handsome, and she loves his coat. She doesn't love that he only told her his first name, and that's probably a made-up name too, but she doesn't really care because it was just a date; she met him in a club, and they went out for a walk in the fresh air, where they could kiss and maybe make out later without people staring at them and making rude remarks. She hates making out in clubs. Too many opinions.

They kiss some more and walk down the lane until they're right in front of the old iron gates. He leans against the wall and runs his hand over her pigtails.

"So Abby," he says and smiles, and she can see the twinkle in his eyes even though it's even darker here, "do you believe in vampires?"

She sighs impatiently and just like that, all the magic is out of it. Not another wannabe idiot with a Dracula fetish and fake teeth hidden in his pocket, please. "Not really," she says. "I'm a scientist, you know."

He nods. "Didn't know that, actually," he says, and shrugs.

"Let's go back," she says and turns around. He holds her arm and she turns fast on her heels with her hand in her purse, ready to grab her mace and spray him if he tries anything.

"Let's not," he says and smiles through a mouthful of fangs, and his features are twisted and his eyes don't just twinkle, they glow. Bright and golden like some strange yellow chemical fire. She screams but no one's around to hear it, sprays him but he only shakes his head like it was water and laughs. He hauls her into the cemetery and she kicks him but he holds her fast. He drags her between the tombstones until they're in the middle of the graveyard, and everything here is so dark she can't see the ground at all. She stumbles on something and twists her ankle, and hates that she hissed out loud and he knows she hurt herself.

"So Abby, let me ask you again," he whispers against her throat and she doesn't feel his breath, any breath at all. "Do you believe in vampires?"

She can't even scream when his fangs sink deep.

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Title: Girl's Trouble
Fandoms: NCIS, BtVS/AtS
Pairing: Tony/Faith
Warning: het
Prompt: off [ profile] panpolyboygirl's generator, "DiNozzo against the wall"

Tony thinks he's hearing screams and so, even though it's not his job, decides to go in the alley and investigate. Very unsafe, probably stupid, if Gibbs ever hears of it there will be head-slapping, but still. In the shadows he thinks he sees a girl and some big scary attacker, so he takes out his gun and sidles closer, prepares to save a damsel in distress off-hours.

Funny thing, when he gets closer, he just sees the girl. No attacker - no body - just a girl with long dark hair, small pink top, panting and grinning like a madwoman, or like a horny woman, really. Tony knows that look. He puts his gun away and says hi. Less than two minutes later his back hits the wall.

"Hey - hey, I don't even know your name!"

"Faith," she says hot on his ear and then bites it, just a little. Tony gasps.

Apparently that's all the introduction she's gonna need, which is a refreshing change from the women he's usually talking to. She's also freakishly strong, and in a hurry. Her hand's down the front of his pants before he can even think about getting to her bra or anything. Not that he's complaining.


Or making much conversation. She spins him so she's got her back against the wall and just shimmies out of her pants, which is impressive.

"Can you hold my weight?"

"Sure," he says, confused, and she's got her legs wrapped around him so fast he barely has time to grab her butt and think hey, I'm grabbing her butt, and he's inside her. Which at least calms her down, plus the light from the street falls on her face so he knows he'll remember what she looks like. Dark eyes, flushed skin, smiling like she's on a wild ride, and she is. Tony puts in as much force as he wants, and she still angles for more; he's worried she'll chafe her back on the bricks.

"Harder," she groans, and he believes her. She's tight and wet and has muscles down there that squeeze him with every stroke, and her breasts jiggle in the black lace bra she's still wearing. Tony would like to put his face between them.

She's as fast as him to get to her orgasm, probably faster because she's not trying to hold back and he is, he really, really is. She shouts and bucks and throws her head back, exposing a long throat with what looks like a mean hickey on it, too. He takes maybe ten more seconds to follow her, which is good because she doesn't look like she's gonna wait around patiently. He takes a step back and his knees nearly buckle when he tries to pull his pants back up. She slides confidently down the wall to pick a tissue from the pocket of her pants, which he now sees are leather; she cleans herself efficiently, uncaring that he looks on.

"That was nice," she smiles, breathless. "Tony, was it?"

He nods, speechless and suddenly feeling like what he thinks McGee must feel like, a bit lost in the world. He shakes it off and gathers his confidence.

"Thanks for that, Tony," she says and winks at him, and starts down the alley. She's almost gone when he finds his composure.

"Bye, Faith!" he yells after her. She waves without turning back. He gets dressed, and it's only after he's three blocks down the road that he notices his gun is missing.

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I found the perfect Qwa'ha Xahn (sp. by bdb) for Illyria; it's Abby!
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A good Jeremy/Richard in the back seat of a car. It only makes sense!

A decent Jayne/Chase. Cheap porn counts. That one doesn't make sense, but there's pretty.

A good DiNozzo/Gibbs with kink, and spanking. It only makes sense! Again!


wheee )


Jun. 21st, 2006 10:00 pm
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I just watched - yeah I know, I'm a million years behind - the first ep with Ms Ziva. I am guessing [ profile] ariestess doesn't read this lj, pity or I could've asked if this bunny I'm having was already written to death in that fandom, or not.

ETA: I have never felt more Israeli than when I cringe and gag watching NCIS.


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