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You want my IJ or any other contact information, all you gotta do is ask.

ETA: Links

A collection of links on [ profile] metafandom, regarding the new shit from LJ
We want our money back!
And [ profile] fandom_flies, an exodus community

A bit on the racism wank: [old news now, huh]


Jul. 3rd, 2007 03:45 pm
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Don't let fear rule your life. And don't let others instill that fear.


Jun. 13th, 2007 08:49 am
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Much bad writing done today. Methinks me will just scrap the whole lot and start again tomorrow, or whenever I get some good sleep.


Some pretty art done though.
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It's Friday night. I'm boiling bones.
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The UK and British academia people are boycotting Israeli academia people, half-effectively causing a ban that would get in the way of many good people.

Now they're also talking about economic sanctions.
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Please to be reading this.

Discuss. Have opinions.

Do you think this is worthwhile? Do you think it's rubbish?

Side note: do you think such a group exercise can take place online, in chat or LJ form?

What's in there? Here's a sample: )
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Not a single transperson is awake and around at the moment.
And I need someone to talk to.
Or, fuck talk, I need to hang out with someone.

From [ profile] ceruleancat

friendly: 91%
promiscuous: 9%
random: 13%
wise: 38%
cool: 100%
hard to get: 100%

My lj mojo )
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How does one bleach bones?

Now, before you start telling me about how I can just google, let me point out that I have. They're talking about bleaching found, raw bones, and mine are cooked. Well, fried. But the point is, been through stuff in their lives and deaths. Frozen, defrosted, fried and now kept in the freezer until I figure out what to do exactly, which could cause more of a problem with the texture and the crumbling that might happen.

I hear peroxide but it seems harsh on cooked bones. I hear cooking in vinegar but that seems very smelly. I think boiling water won't do, because small bones full of marrow.

So I thought, that's exactly the kind of question to ask on LJ!
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I can relate: click on this for a quick comic bit to make you think.

On a different note: Yes, I will reply to all the lovely comments. Also the less lovely ones. The minute I can get a minute.

ETA: ...I just liked the blues )

Shit. WTF.

Feb. 24th, 2007 04:00 am
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It's four in the morning. We're in bed. Not a soul moving in the house, even the felines are deep asleep.

There's a strange noise. And a strange smell. I get up.

Fucking electric kettle is smoking. The switch is black.

The thing was *off*. It had cold water in it. No one's touched it in two hours or so.

WTF? How did it do this?

Now I'm thinking, the next kettle can do that any time. If we leave the house, and we think everything's safe because, everything's turned off - it's not safe. I've been leaving my cats with a kettle that can burn itself without being touched.

I'm a bit scared.
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Why win friends and influence people?

Related icons:

under here )

And several more.
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I had a sex dream about John Glover! Ho Go me.

I took some pictures of my cats. Scans soon to follow.

Mood: Hating on ya'll.
Music: Lola
Colour of underwear: Black
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Regarding the Supernannies thing discussed lately... [ profile] ceruleancat and I were mocking the choice of words.

"So, Mary Poppins vs. Superman?"

"Mary would totally win. Clark has strange mommy issues, he'd just roll over."

We walk, we talk....

"What about, vs. Batman?"

"That guy sends his family to fight... He'd send ALFRED! And then Alfred and Mary would get married and live happily ever after, and Bruce will have to stop whining about the parent figures, that would be so cute. Oh, and Dick would move back into the cave just to have the fluff. Hell, Tim would enjoy the parentals. And Jason, he'll just come back from the dead and return to the cave for cookies. No, really."

Good thing we're not huge on Marvel or the Hulk would happen next.
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All hail [ profile] mischief5, who hath gotten me This: )

The important thing is, she's a wonderful person. The licking and the bouncing upon her gently shall commence at a later stage, and in private, because I spare you lot. I just wanted to gloat a little - don't make me regret it.


Nov. 10th, 2006 07:44 am
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How do I thank an anonymous gifter? I don't know what fandom you want your porn in*, or what icons you'd like, and I can't lick you unless you're one of my closest friends, or have in any way in the past expressed the willingness to be licked.

*Not that I can write porn anyway these days; you can ask poor Ethan, who almost got some tonight but then I got distracted, lost the point of the story and with it the poor man's erection. He's not a happy camper.

Which reminds me: I might need to write Ethan a bit more dark and dangerous than I do, but I don't care at the moment, as am in pain and wanty happies. Thankyou.
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I haven't posted about it so far. I guess I hoped it would all go away.

It didn't.

The Gay Pride Parade, already cancelled several times for various excuses (yes, excuses, not reasons), is going to be this Friday. There are people rioting, setting things on fire, throwing rocks at drivers and at cops. They threaten to murder and abuse all gay people who will march in the parade. Last year three people were stabbed. This year, there will be more protest, and more armed maniacs.

This is hardly mentioned in the world news. Here's one link with several sub-links on the same page. (thanks, [ profile] medelle)

This is a war; we fight for our right to live, to live openly, to live happily.

Tell that to all your friends. Yell it from the rooftops.

Don't let this be the norm.


Oct. 31st, 2006 06:32 pm
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The lovely [ profile] evildrem brought me a Frank-o-lantern:

and I muchly appreciate, with hugs n' love.

Although I don't think I was meant to think about pumpkin soup with goat cheese, and grilled goat with a side of mashed pumpkin.


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