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First, the good things:

A short story, The Haunted Author

A good, uplifting news article on gender equality

Some disturbing but interesting images, Fallen Princesses

Yes, I opted out on the LJ linking thing. Let me know if there's any news on that.


The Art Of Seduction, Giles/Ethan

Suns And Guns, Spike, Wesley

Under The Unblinking Sun, Highlander, Horsemen

And a tiny SV drabble which Tastes Like Old Times, for a nostalgic chat.

The last proper fic I posted before this batch, not including Highlander drabbles and dribbles, was on March 22nd, 2009, it seems. It was Violet Sundown, a Giles/Ethan/Xander pwp.

And now to the depressing, personal stuff. )

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Title: Initiation
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Kronos/Duncan, +
Prompt: dancing, from [ profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle V
Beta and responsibility: [ profile] ceruleancat

Every step is like dancing... )
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Fic: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
[Working] Title: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
Fandom: Buffy [Angel]
Characters: Giles/Ethan/Wesley
Summary: friends do friends favours
Genre: of the slash pwp variety


Viper: a Kronos drabble.

To Whom It May Concern Responsible For This: a Source drabble.

I actually *liked* "Five Encounters", on the previous links batch.
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Title: Four Elements
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, Kronos
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100 challenge #146; Elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

# Fire #

Fire in his eyes, fire in his smile; fire he sets to the first hut, then the next. Fire is a deathly trap around the screaming people, their hair on fire, terror in their eyes. The flames are reflected in Kronos' eyes, bring shining heat to their cold surface. He does this for pleasure, he does this to taste their fear, nothing else. The horses are nervous; they're new ones. They want to turn away, run as far as their strong, long legs will take them. Within months they'll be used to the stench of smoke, indifferent to the flames.

[100][Q to Kronos]

# Water #

His hair is wet, plastered to his face. The lake is placid, green and blue, and he swims, letting the water part under his long strokes. Oasis in mid-desert, between dusty, dead mountains; far away from all dwellings of man. Here they can let the masks fall, let the water wash their faces of war paint. Methos closes his eyes and dives under.

When he rises back to the surface, shaking his head like a dog to drive the droplets out, he notices he's being watched. Kronos sits cross-legged on a patch of sand, observing with hawk-like eyes.

[100][Q to Methos]

# Air #

Hundreds of years may have passed, but still Methos wakes at night, on occasions few and far between, and expects Kronos to be there. He turns to his side, throws his arm around air.

It was his choice to leave, his many good reasons to escape that life which is long gone; still Methos sometimes looks in the mirror and it's Death's face there, and he can hear his brother's laughter.

He dreads the day he'll see Kronos again, fears for his lifestyle if not his life. He thinks he senses someone, turns quickly, and there's nothing there but air.

[100][Q to Caspian]

# Earth #

He digs, sweat on his brow. The shovel hits the hard ground insistently. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, he thinks with bitter amusement. Flesh to flesh. Immortality to the grave.

Shallow graves, he thinks. Deep burials are designed to keep the dead as far from you as possible. He owes them at least this, the shallow. A few feet closer to sunlight. Sentimental? Maybe.

He's doing this alone. No help from MacLeod. He asked for it. Wonders if Kronos would've liked it better or worse this way. Decides it doesn't matter anymore. Leaning on the shovel, Methos silently grieves.

[100][Q to Silas]
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Title: Prima Donnas
Prompt: "Celebrities are able to make demands in their contracts for certain things to be in their dressing rooms. What are your top five demands, and why?"
Warning: lack of serious

Five Highlander:

Kronos demands a slavegirl - they call them "fluffer" these days - and pizza, and a well-decorated throne. He also wants recent issues of medical journals, and a box of matches.

Methos requires beer, and some way to play music - blues and classic rock CDs work fine. A comfortable sofa that fits the highest demands in the field, a high-tech security system, and a good pair of running shoes.

Caspian wants raw snails, throwing knives and "a practice target". He gets disappointed when he's brought a board rather than a person, and his disappointment often leads to him using the bearer of the board as practice target. He also likes to have a full-sized mirror and hair-styling products.

Silas normally wants the room sound-proofed. Rodent-feed and fresh sawdust for his pets, a slavegirl for his penis, and slimfast choco shake.

Duncan wants good wine, a good woman, classical music and a large bed covered in satin. If pressed, his fifth demand would be a hairbrush.

Five Buffy-Angel:

Black candles, red sheets, white cake. A good lighter, and the room must have a sink with running water. Ethan doesn't need much to create much.

An extensive library and a "Do Not Disturb" sign are important to Giles. Other than that, a nice scotch, a pot of tea, and something sweet to eat.

A pack of blood and a pack of smokes, a book of romantic poems, paper and a pen - or feather, indeed. Spike looks tough on the outside, but he doesn't forget his roots.

Lorne wants herbal tea for his voice, massage for his feet, orange juice, sandwiches, and to be left alone before a performance. Secretly, he wants a star on the door.

Lilah lists her demands; a phone, a computer, a desk, a protective circle, and oh, a scarf to hide the wound across her throat.
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Title: Kiss of Death
Fandom: Highlander, [?]
Characters: Horsemen
Note: sorry.
Prompt: "kiss", for [ profile] highlander100 #144
Summary: "Once we rode out of the sun..."

Warpaint applied in utter seriousness; mere colours, pigments rubbed on skin, but they bring such a change to a man's face. Each of the ancient immortals concentrates on his pattern, his own unique expression in paint.

The Horsemen ride again.

They walk in a line, Kronos first, Caspian after him, eager; Silas behind, his large figure hulking over the smaller, fleeting mortal helpers who skitter around them. Methos drags his feet, last in line, resigned.

The lights behind them are as bright as the sun, and a voice calls out,

"Ladies and gentlemen, the hottest band in the world, KISS!!!"

[100][Q to Gene Kronos]
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Title: Bare Bones
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Kronos/Methos
Challenge: Firsts; from [ profile] calime33

Two blackened skeletons lie in the rubble between the smoking stones, their arms linked together. Methos stops to look at this display of post-mortem affection. Mortals have a way of staying together even after all this death and pain that rained upon them by their walking, laughing nightmares.

He feels a presence behind him and doesn't have to turn to know it's Kronos. His brother stands right next to him, watching the scene, the couple left in the village.

"Could've been us," Methos says in a flat voice. Kronos, macabre as ever, links his arm with that of his brother. Methos doesn't pull his arm away, but doesn't respond, either.

"It could never be us," Kronos says, fiery conviction evident in his every word. We'll live forever, he means to say. What Methos hears is, their love was real.
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Title: Rewrite History
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Duncan MacLeod, Kronos
Summary: first kiss challenge
Request: [ profile] silvercobwebs, "Duncan/Kronos, the Rev AU"

Over 350 words )
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Title: Death's Kiss
Fandom: Buffy, Highlander
Characters: Giles, Kronos
Summary: first kiss challenge
Request: [ profile] diamond9697, Kronos/Giles

Under 200 words )
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Title: Gardening
Prompts: [ profile] highlander100, #137, History Repeating & Little Things

He closes his eyes and pokes a finger into the damp soil. Opens his eyes and places a single seed into the dent in the ground, then covers it with earth. He does the same again, all over the garden.

This is where it all starts. It's the little things that in turn make mighty trees. The circle of life and crops and growth that repeats itself, that always has been and always will be. Wars come and go, people live and die; but seeds will always bring forth trees, and plant life will always find a way to thrive.

[100][Q to Silas]


[A 23-word ficlet that is badly outdated, re "History Repeating"]
Methos was reading the paper several years ago when his face paled and he called out,
"Oh my god, they elected Bush AGAIN?"


Title: Digging
Prompts: [ profile] highlander100, #137, History Repeating & Little Things

Chalk and dirt, dust and old wood. Reused coffins and dead roots creeping their way underground. He opens his eyes, spits; coughing and already clawing his way out.

"You've dirt under your fingernails," a woman says weakly. He shoots a look her way and she says nothing more.

"You smell of the grave," another woman says, centuries later; black makeup around her eyes, black is her lace dress, unnatural black is her hair. She smiles at him, red lips.

"Are you Death, mister?" asks a little girl, holding her mother's hand. He nods and shakes the dirt from his hair.

[100][Q to Kronos]
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Title: Pitch Dark
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Methos/Kronos
Summary: Kissage

Methos' tongue, lying and deceptive and untrustworthy. Wet and strong and undulating, pushing itself into Kronos' mouth. He keeps his eyes open in the kiss, tries to never let Methos out of his sights. Tastes like sweet honey and beer and meat, and feels like something so soft behind the rough kiss and the battle to throw Kronos off, to confuse him; Kronos wants to find that softness behind the Methos he knows, but he doesn't want to, not really. He's not afraid of it, not him, because he's never afraid, not of anything, and least of all the softer things. He only wants to find the vulnerable spot in Methos. He only wants to never see the vulnerable spot in Methos.

Methos' tongue sneaking out of his mouth and the warmth of him disappears, and Kronos keeps his eyes open to keep track, to know where Methos is heading; Methos smiles at him, secret and promising, and turns on his knees and blows the candle out.

The tent is pitch dark now and Kronos doesn't see a thing.
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Title: At Peace, At Last
Fandom: Highlander
Genre: Gen
Character: Kronos
Note: for [ profile] highlander100, challenge 135, "Stress Relief"

You never notice how tense you are until you rest.

You never notice how intense you are until you rest in peace.

For millennia he hunted and was hunted, ran wild and laughed wild and kept on top of the game. Any game. It never occurred to him to just.... stop. It wasn't in his nature.

But Death comes to all creatures, sooner or later. Even the old ones, even the strong. Ironically, even the immortal. When he fought with Duncan MacLeod, Kronos thought that losing would be hell, endless torment. In the end, it was more of a relief.

[100][Q to Kronos]
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Title: In Memoriam
Pairing: Duncan/Methos
Note: "In Memoriam", [ profile] highlander100 #133
Credit where credit's due: the whole of the first line is from [ profile] calime33 in chat.


"When one kills the End of Time, does that mean one has made more time, or does that mean that there is now absolutely nothing?" Duncan asks, hand resting in the middle of Methos' chest, feeling the heart under the warm skin. He's not sure if he's being silly or serious. He's still not sure what this all means.

They're in bed.

They're in love.

Yet their comfort is so fragile. Old memories haunt their nights.

He's done the right thing.

"It means you cheated Death," Methos whispers, a smile on his lips that Duncan cannot see in the darkness.

[100][Q to Kronos]
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Title: Quote
Character: Kronos
Note: "Killing Time", [ profile] highlander100 #133
Credit where credit's due: the whole of the last line, aside from the name, is from Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, which you must all go and read. The text on the icon is from the same.


Worthless mortals. They had a very different vision on what should be done, and they didn't even have the talent to carry that out. Three men gunned down, five escaped - five! - and the money would barely keep them all afloat until next month. There was no glory in that.

There would be, when he slaughters the entire miserable gang and leaves with the loot.

Kronos grinned, the honest, open grin that goes with job satisfaction, perfect and pure. He was just killing time until the main event, but he was killing it in such exquisite ways. Time, and sometimes people.

[100][Q to Kronos]
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I am buying Kronos this as a prezzie. I don't care if I'm in that fandom or not, this I have to (virtually, fictionally, lovingly) get for him.

ETA, myself, I think I like the algea most.

ETA: squooshy. From Becca )
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Title: Kink # Non-con
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Kronos/Cassandra
Note: inspired by [ profile] 50kinkyways

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Title: Not Even Close
Challenge: "Highlander, Duncan/Kronos, I love to hate you" for [ profile] calime33
At [ profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle
Note: South Texas, 1867; CaH
Summary: more a fight/UST than porn

It's easier to hate... )


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