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Title: Threesomes
Fandom: Firefly
"Pairings": Zoe/Kaylee/Wash, Zoe/Jayne/Wash
Quote: "Sex between a man and a woman can be wonderful, provided you can get between the right man and the right woman." ~ Woody Allen
Choice: Adam asks: So, Wash/Kaylee/Zoe, or Wash/Jayne/Zoe...? - Mary answers: Both?

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Title: Five Hairs On Jayne's Chest
Characters: Willow (BtVS) and Jayne (Firefly)
Summary: probably for a spell

Five hairs of the many on Jayne Cobb's chest; Willow plucks them carefully with a pair of tweezers, mouthing to herself as she counts them one by one. He hisses and complains at the pain with each twinge, a man who suffered bullet wounds in silence, but likes to make his point. He tries hard not to notice her breasts when she leans over him, because when he did before she gave him a look that froze him in place. Literally. He tries not to sniff her hair too loudly when it brushes, copper-red and soft, against his shoulder.


Title: Cross-Breeding
Characters: Willow (BtVS) and Jayne (Firefly)
Credit: half the lines and most of the idea, [ profile] calime33. So she's co-writer, whether she admits it or not.

If Willow and Jayne would ever marry, they'd have children with red hair and an incredibly volatile temperament. The rutlings would probably be in varying sizes, and more dangerous than a nuclear disaster. It boggles the mind, Mal thinks. If Willow and Jayne would ever marry. If they'd manage to stand each other long enough to breed, that is. Mal's never seen the full force of Willow's wrath, but he's got a trained soldier's eye to assess danger. And then let it on board his ship. If Willow and Jayne...

Good thing she's gay.

Good thing Jayne's afraid of Zoe.

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Title: Rough Play
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Mal, Jayne
Challenge: Firsts; from [ profile] caia_comica, "Mal, Jayne, first blood"

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Title: Sugah Baby
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Jayne
Reason: [ profile] caia_comica said "The Taming of the Jayne"...

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Okay, are you aware of this?

Adam Baldwin ... Clark Kent/Superman
James Marsters ... Lex Luthor
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One 600x800 "poster":

Jayne! The man they call... Jayne! )

Plus a few icons; not all, by far:

We go back, way back. )


Dec. 17th, 2006 01:26 am
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is interesting. )

ETA hours later:
The 12 chars meme is making the rounds again:

BEFORE CLICKING THE CUT, pick 12 characters and assign them numbers 1 through 12. Write it down. Then answer the questions.

My characters )

The Q&A )

I should do this one day with completely rare characters that nobody else likes.
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Title: Fifty Bits of Jayne Cobb
Fandom: Firefly
Character: Jayne Cobb
Theme set: Beta
Disclaimer: Joss rules my world
Rating: Same as show, I'd suspect
For the [ profile] 1character community.

50 sentences of Jayne Cobb )
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A good Jeremy/Richard in the back seat of a car. It only makes sense!

A decent Jayne/Chase. Cheap porn counts. That one doesn't make sense, but there's pretty.

A good DiNozzo/Gibbs with kink, and spanking. It only makes sense! Again!


wheee )
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Title: Subtle
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Jayne/Mal
Summary: "...Up against any vertical surface."


Hard to feel anything in the suit - too much padding and air trapped between them - out here in space, Jayne's back's against the metal of Serenity and Mal humping him, face lookin' all wild and tense through the layers of plexiglass in both their helmets. The pressure on Jayne's cock is not nearly enough. It's more like a hint of pressure, like a promise of friction, and Jayne groans in frustration and it's loud and clear on the comm.

"Everyone okay?" Wash asks over the radio. Jayne nods frantically.

Good thing Mal's still got some brain workin', enough to remember they can't be seen, just heard. "We're fine, Wash. Gonna fix this in a minute's time, then we'll float right back in." Words aren't even slurred, but it sounds like Mal is grindin' his teeth while grindin' up against Jayne. Jayne feels a bit better about bein' this stupid.

He bites his lip and stays as quiet as he can while Mal slithers up his body, climbing on the ship's hull and blocking Jayne's view into the black. When he finally stops, it's the crotch part of his space suit that's resting comfortably on Jayne's face, and Jayne feels the solid ship against his back, and his cock's almost burstin', and Mal's right on his face, and it dun't matter that there's all this plastic and suit between them, he can almost smell Mal's cock and his mouth's dry and when Mal humps his helmet one time, Jayne grunts and rolls his eyes back and comes, spurting pent-up tension and lust all over himself.

"Hey, you sure you're okay?"

Jayne manages to grunt something vaguely positive into the speaker and gets the feeling Wash doesn't buy it. He doesn't care either way. Something clicks high up over his head and Mal calls over the transmit comm to tell Wash the job's done and they're on their way in.

"Jayne, you comin'?" he asks, the glint in his eye visible behind the glass. Jayne follows him, cumbersome and floating towards the entrance, and wonders if Mal, too, has a warm wetness spreadin' on the inside of his suit.

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Title: Looks Can Be Deceivin'
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Hinted pre Mal/Jayne
Prompt: "That boy's about as smart as a bag of hammers"; [ profile] promptlywriting

That boy's about as smart as a bag of hammers, and as deadly as one too. Mal sighs when he remembers the first time he saw Jayne. Murderous glee, all the loyalty of an Alliance rat, thick in the skull and the poetic grace of a sack of protein powder. Zoe never figured why they got him on their side.

First of all was, of course, to avoid getting shot. That was always an important motive for Mal, even if he kept it smartly subtle at times. Or, smartly not-there. But at that point in time, not getting shot was half the thing.

The other half was the tool-brained individual with the rough voice and no bed of his own. Mal was always one to collect stray pups. Big, slurpy and bitey as they may be. Mal saw Jayne for what he was: big dumb lug with *potential*. Had to find someone to do his thinkin' for him, and Mal was happy to oblige. Muscle, *great* tracking abilities, quick on his feet if not his tongue, and yeah, just that - that li'l summin else...

Jayne packed his shit and moved aboard, and when he winked dirty-like at Zoe, she just glared at him and he stopped, and then he walked right past Mal, and winked again. Same kinda low dirty invite, promisin' all kinds of sly goods, and Mal just scowled and pretend to rebuff just like Zoe did, and to himself he thought, the boy wasn't half as dumb as he looked.

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Title: Classy
Fandom: Firefly, Highlander
Characters: Jayne, Amanda
Summary: "Jayne meeting Amanda" as per Calime's request

She was probably a companion, Jayne surmised when he first met Amanda, and she was probably way out of his league. Something about her smile, and the way she walked, and of course the fact she wasn't covered in mud, dirt and cow shit like most of the population on this moon. That sort of made it obvious. Jayne gazed longingly at her bright red lips and imagined things.

He couldn't believe his luck when she decided to use the Serenity to get off that godforsaken rock, and even bothered to clean up nice for her, but she seemed to ignore him, choosing instead to flirt with Mal every chance she got. Rest of the time she just huddled with Inara in dark corners, like two clouds of sweet perfume and shiny fabrics comin' together in the black. Jayne sighed, hoped they'd find less complicated whores next time, and went to his bunk.

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Title: Go Bump
Fandoms: BtVS/Ats, Firefly.
Characters: Angel, Jayne

Angel moans, arches under the weight on him. He bites his lower lip so hard a drop of blood appears. His face changes, but only for a heartbeat. It changes back before the man on top of him notices.

Eyes closed, Jayne labors away, fucking the man in black hard. He's sweating, overheated, but the body under him is cool, smooth, as if untouched. 'Cept the quivering, shaking muscles, an' the groans with each sharp thrust, and the dark red cock pulsing, pushing against his belly.

Angel clutches at Jayne's shoulders, fingers digging into flesh, leaving red marks behind. Coarse hair is rubbing against his own smooth chest. The human is exhaling on the side of his throat, warm puffs of air rhythmic against his skin. It's driving him crazy.

Random meeting of strangers; sex with no strings, no talk, no guilt. No money changing hands. Just two powerful beings testing muscles against each other, sharing a night of hot, wordless passion. Kisses that leave Jayne's face red with friction. When Angel comes, he howls.

Morning comes, and Jayne looks in the mirror, rubbing his chin with one hand while pissing in the sink. His one-night guest is gone, not a sign of him left but raw skin in some places. He thinks, time to grow a beard. I'll look ruttin' good with a beard.


Note & fault )
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So here's something that can work: A television series about gay cowboys starring Christian Kane and Adam Baldwin.

Oh, like you can't just see it!

*Jumping on the bandwagon and havin' sex on it YAY!*


ETA: Random memes.

I rock. In a chocolate sort of way. )

...With sugar. )

This is different. )


Feb. 4th, 2006 10:49 pm
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Title: Crack Candy
Fandoms: Highlander, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Other
Reason: Challenge
Form: Snippets of various sizes

Click for candy, said the scary strange man )
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Title: An Apple A Day
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Jayne, Simon
Summary: Jayne chases skirts. Slash.
Rating: Adult like buttsex
Fault: [ profile] bubosquared

Image hosting by Photobucket

Beware the slash )

Explanation )
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This is a panel off the Firefly/Serenity comics. It's out of context. I like it that way. Not that I don't like all the other panels that lived next to it.

But I'm amused. )
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Title: Ain't The Alcohol
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Mal/Jayne
Reason: Improv from [ profile] ceruleancat, [ profile] calime33 and [ profile] crazy4rog, "bottle, dust, control". Also three outta four votes on Mal pov.
Warning: Drinking is bad for your liver.


One bottle and his control was in the dust. )


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