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Robin of Sherwood
Brideshead Revisited
Nickolas Grace
Gay culture in 1920s, 1930s
Omphaloskepsis (no, not really)

[*- partly seen on ij, partly in chat; contact me any way you want, I'm easy]

Porn battle

Aug. 5th, 2008 08:00 pm
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Was away for most of it. Did eight pieces, which can be found here [LJ] or all together here [IJ]. Mostly Buffy-Angel-Firefly, one Bible, one Labyrinth.

Enjoy fandom.
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I sort of hate myself for doing it, but I'm back on lj in a fragmented, tiny way, to pimp the Porn Battle. I don't know if I can write for it, but I will let you know now that the prompt collecting starts (now's your time to influence!), and probably later when the battle itself begins.

*pops in*

May. 23rd, 2008 09:19 pm
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Anyone still here? Show of hands please. Scientific purposes.

Also, questions )
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Here are the subjects of all posts by user [profile] [info]the_obscure in April, 2008.

Fic: Death Mask
Re Heathrow Terminal 5
[observation, bunny]
Fic: Memento Mori
Fic: Private Affairs
[BtVS, sequel to "Unwanted"]
Spike and homophobia
[observation, BtVS]
The Gold Eye of the Yellow Goat
[a very messed up poem]
Tearoom: a short film
Magic: A Fantastic Comedy
FTM vid rec
Squidge: A Call For Help
[take the poll]
Story Time
[fic, BtVS]
Revelation, 6:8
[Highlander, Beatles]
[My trip to the zoo]

And late March:

[two links to serious RL things]
Ficlet: Dick
[BtVS, indulging]
[on LJ]
Carmina Burana
[link to funny]
Ficlet: Buttons
[BtVS, indulging]
In the Garden of Iden
Fic: Unwanted
[BtVS; has sequel, "Private Affairs"]
The Curse of QWERTY
[things to think about]
Silly moment in the jungle
[somewhat Highlander related]

Photography, France, Assorted
Photography, France, Playground
Photography, France, Flowers
Photography, France, Hill
Photography, France, Castle
Photography, France, Forest
[These are all near home; they're the old batch, haven't posted newer ones yet]

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LJ is now forcing people to log in if they want to read Adult Filtered entries.

LJ has removed all fandom related interests from the top most popular interests.

LJ owes me, acording to their own email, 632 days of extra userpics, which they don't intend to give me.

The list does go on. I'm not going to tell you everything. I put all my stuff here because all of fandom is here. I curse every day that people stay.

How many here would go to IJ?


I don't *like* IJ. More than anything I'd like a squidge service to be available. But it can't be, not now anyway. Still.



ETA the second: this also is a good link.

ETA March 16: Read what she has to say. That is a creepier problem, and one most of us hadn't encountered, but should know about.
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Fannish Friday 5:
What five things are you afraid will happen in canon? Or, for a closed canon, what five things are you glad never happened in canon?

Cut for very vague spoilers to something that happened near a year ago. )
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Fic: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
[Working] Title: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
Fandom: Buffy [Angel]
Characters: Giles/Ethan/Wesley
Summary: friends do friends favours
Genre: of the slash pwp variety


Viper: a Kronos drabble.

To Whom It May Concern Responsible For This: a Source drabble.

I actually *liked* "Five Encounters", on the previous links batch.

IJ links

Sep. 28th, 2007 05:04 pm
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Title: Five Encounters On The Road
Main character: Ethan Rayne
Fandoms: Buffy, X-Files, Highlander, Dr Who, Music
Rating: safe for all
Summary: Five Rides Ethan Hitched From Nevada
Five ficlets

Title: Hangover
Character: Giles

IJ links

Sep. 23rd, 2007 06:01 pm
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Bit serious fic:
Title: Shape of Things to Come
Fandom: Buffy
Characters: Ethan, Giles
Summary: Something's coming... Something big


Light fic:
Title: A Mind Game of Pool
Fandom: Buffy
Pairings: Giles/Ethan, possibly implied Xander/Anya
Prompt: from Rentonesque: "pool, games, sunset; [the story] must feature at least a couple of guest characters apart from your otp/ main characters"; Casey & Cat: "Dommy Giles"
Summary: tease


Highlander: discussion/bunny about the Horsemen, plus a nice pic of Duncan in red satin. One of those nights, you see.

Also, I owe quite a few comments on LJ. I'll get to it. Not like anyone's in a rush.
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Title: A Place in the Sun
Fandoms: Buffy, Highlander
Characters: Ethan, Methos
Summary: Ethan's in Spain


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