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I just got a spam. You wanna see it.

Subject: Crabby Pants has his work cut out for him when Foreman quits and House treats a teenager with a personality very much like his own.

And on the inside, it says "It is a Black Ass Worship fetish video". Among other things.
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I took the idea from [ profile] drc1 who gave happy links (go look at hers). So now, I do the same:

A bit of Fry and Laurie! )
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Who the hell on my flist wanted Robert Sean Leonard slash? I think I found some, with Alan Davies. I also found Fry/Laurie, really cute pics of the Hamster eating a card of some kind, a gif pic of Fry petting Laurie's nipples, and... some more things. It's been one strange day.


ETA2: my tags are a sad pathetic mess.
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Five things Ethan gave to Giles - [ profile] caia_comica

Five things Ethan gave to Giles )


Five people (none of whom are Giles) who Ethan would shag/has shagged - [ profile] anidada

Chase, Dick, David, Adam, Dru )


Five Times Methos Failed to Kill Kronos - [ profile] killabeez

Five Times Methos Failed to Kill Kronos )


Five things that Kronos killed that he regretted - [ profile] cyberducks

Very short one. )


Five historical figures Methos will not admit he knew, and why - [ profile] darthhellokitty

Five historical figures... )


Five things Kronos never told Methos and why? - [ profile] mischief5

These ones are on the short and slightly funnier side, because all the angst was getting me down. )

*Man, that was fun. I should do that again some time. All the time, even.
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A good Jeremy/Richard in the back seat of a car. It only makes sense!

A decent Jayne/Chase. Cheap porn counts. That one doesn't make sense, but there's pretty.

A good DiNozzo/Gibbs with kink, and spanking. It only makes sense! Again!


wheee )
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Title: Headmaster's Office
Fandom: House
Prompt: House, Cuddy/Chase, sharp [[ profile] oxoniensis's porn battle]


Her hand landed in a sharp slap on his backside.

No words were needed; Chase knew why he was here, and Cuddy knew what she wanted. It wasn't just that he'd disrupted her hospital and almost cost her House and his ward, and it wasn't just that he was generally a manipulative, untrustworthy, cowardly little bitch. It was that he was just... slap... so... slap... damn... slap.... spankable.

Something about the look in his eyes, possibly, or the look of his ass, framed from one side with the white coat he hiked up and the pants he lowered on the other. Or maybe the little whimpers, or the way he wiggled, like it stings madly and he still wants more.

Maybe because it was just so unprofessional of her, especially because it was her office and while most people knocked, at least one never bothered, always choosing instead to just burst in unannounced, and she could just imagine his reaction if he walked in right now, his cane hitting the door, and found Chase bent over her desk and whining. Or, maybe she couldn't imagine, but wanted, on some level, to see it happening.

But that was just a fantasy. Reality was here, alone, with Chase. Inflicting punishment.

She pinched his pink, warm butt, just to hear him whimper, and then walked around the desk. He looked up at her without moving from his position, submissive and wide-eyed and needy, and that just made her smile. He was cute, she had to admit. She lifted her skirt and let him watch her see-through pink lace panties. She could swear he was salivating.

She grinned sweetly.

"You like the view?..."

He nodded frantically.

"Maybe I'll let you have a taste some day. If you're a good boy." She let the skirt drop back to cover her, and fought the urge to squirm. Instead she walked to the door.

"I'm gonna go now," she said, "and you stay here until my return."

As she closed the door behind her she could hear him whimpering in an Australian accent.

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Title: The Chase After Long Lost Dreams
Either House fandom, or original. Either to be continued, or not...

The stage is set. A single circle of light, a lone, bare microphone. Behind, in the darkness, the glitter of a pole is just visible.

And from the shadows emerges a boy... in a satin corset.

Blond hair like the angels and lips painted bright pink, black lace adorning the baby pink satin. Eyes so blue behind so much thick black mascara, black eyeshadow, and behind them in the shades, a dark black soul.

He reaches for the mic hesitantly, ducks his head coyly and after a false, stuttering first line, he sings. Slowly his body relaxes, and he starts swaying with the music, becoming more and more open as the beat picks up, flirting with the audience with eyes and words, and then he dances. Wild, free, moving like sex, if sex would halt when the music pauses, and if seduction was a sport. He takes the mic off the stand and starts roaming the stage, falls to his knees, rolls to his back. Undulating, writhing, he arches and spreads, beauty incarnate, shy boy gone and replaced with this professional, this expert in manipulation. Beauty of his waistline, beauty of his long legs, bare thighs shockingly naked over the span of black stocking. Hand sure on the pole, swirls around, body sleek like a snake but desire so human. Voice dips lower when the song is a promise, when the words are even more intimate than before. Body a skilled presentation, a stunning masterpiece in satin, lace and naked skin, the boy licks his lips, ends the song, and the lights go out in a flash.

In the shadows, unseen, he slinks backstage. Wipes the sweat from his temple, and the makeup with it.

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Jesse Spencer [Dr Chase] galleries. Yes, there is naked backside. Yes, there is long hair and wild look. Yes, there is long hair and makeup. Yes, there is smooching. Yes, there are uniform, musical instruments, other naked guys, horses, short-shorts, wet in a bathing suit, wet and naked, little kid pics, very much grown up pics, some more naked, some more naked, hey look naked, etc.

This has been a public service announcement. The public better appreciate.
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Title: Descendants & Ancestors
Fandoms: House & Firefly
Pairings: Simon/Kaylee & House/Wilson

Image and story under here )


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