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Jan. 5th, 2008 01:05 pm
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Two Trees / a mythology & Methos origin story

When Adam roamed between the trees, looking for leaves to cover his shame, the serpent slid fast and silent towards the other tree. Knowledge wasn't enough for him; the eye-opening experience of gaining a mind, an awareness, the moment of turning from beast to sentient - he'd already done that. He wanted more.

He knew that soon enough, shit would hit the fan. He crawled, slid, slipped quickly up the branches and sank his sharp, elongated teeth into the sweet fruit.

They were both kicked out, of course. But all man had was toil, sweat and tears; all he could look forward to was childbirth and then death. The serpent, now nothing more than a myth, walking on two legs, had neither to expect, to live for. Only immortality to regret.
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Incan bones found in Norway. And I'm the only one going "did you just say two older men and a baby?"

PS and unrelated, I posted those bad fics you told me to. The finished ones anyway, not the random snippets.
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"Perhaps the distinction between Highlander and Lowlander has not been very rigidly kept, but that need not trouble none but the pedants, who are notoriously lacking in the sense of humour, and by that token ought not be peeping into these pages."

~19th Century disclaimer: an introduction to In the Highlands

Dude. That's classic: "Oh, we didn't bother with research, but if that bugs you, then you suck and are no fun".
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Link from [ profile] babydraco regarding Roman graffiti.

Trust me. Go there. Funnest bit of info on Romans I ever did see. Also follow the link from there to the full list.
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"Although they have good-looking women, they pay very little attention to them, but are really crazy about having sex with men. They are accustomed to sleep on the ground on animal skins and roll around with male bed-mates on both sides. Heedless of their own dignity, they abandon without qualm the bloom of their bodies to others. And the most incredible thing is that they don’t think this is shameful. But when they proposition someone, they consider it dishonourable if he doesn’t accept the offer!"

Diodorus Siculus (1.BCE)
[quote found here]

My only note: Bloom of their bodies? A new high of badfic hath been found.


Feb. 5th, 2007 05:32 am
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Say, does anyone know House of Cards / To Play the King / The Final Cut?
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I haven't posted about it so far. I guess I hoped it would all go away.

It didn't.

The Gay Pride Parade, already cancelled several times for various excuses (yes, excuses, not reasons), is going to be this Friday. There are people rioting, setting things on fire, throwing rocks at drivers and at cops. They threaten to murder and abuse all gay people who will march in the parade. Last year three people were stabbed. This year, there will be more protest, and more armed maniacs.

This is hardly mentioned in the world news. Here's one link with several sub-links on the same page. (thanks, [ profile] medelle)

This is a war; we fight for our right to live, to live openly, to live happily.

Tell that to all your friends. Yell it from the rooftops.

Don't let this be the norm.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 04:51 am
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Can anyone please point me to a more reliable source than wiki about this subject? Thankyous.
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Today, my Coming Out Day is dedicated to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a guy who didn't quite fit in a closet, and it clipped his wings.
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Go look in [ profile] ceruleancat's lj, a post with links about an Egyptian tomb of an m/m couple.


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