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Title: Conifer
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Silas
From [ profile] silvercobwebs: Silas, plant; here

He plants a tree and watches it grow, watches it become a giant, and then he watches it die.

He plants flowers every spring. Before he knows it, spring is around the corner again.

He plants those bulbous ones, flowers and vegetables, and they appear to die but every season they return.

Silas is never tired of it, never tires of nature. He plants another tree, and another. They are tall, they are strong. They grow for many years, longer than any other living creature, except him. Silas likes them, his silent companions. When they die, he chops them down and sets them on fire, to keep himself warm during long, hard winters. As the centuries go by, the forest becomes larger around him; leaves change colour every season, and the woods spread far and wide.

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Title: Pygmalion Has Left The Building
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Tessa
From [ profile] keerawa: Tessa, breakfast; here

Two blobs of clay, and one smaller one, around a large lump of the same substance. Tessa looks at the sculpture-to-be, and sees it complete.

Hiding in the wet mud, she sees a man, a woman, a child; they sit by a breakfast table. They are laughing, maybe sharing an anecdote. They'll seem so vibrant, so full of life. The woman has hair down to her shoulders. The man has longer hair than that. The artist already sees where she'll want to put the statue, on the grass in the middle of an open field, where they will have the sunlight almost all day long.

She starts working on the details of the child. Will it be a boy or a girl? She's not sure. Odd, she always sees her art so clearly, always working with a picture in mind, but the more she works on this small mass of clay, the more it blurs. It becomes murky, ambiguous. She can't figure out what kind of hair the child will have, or what it will wear. The more she tries to position its arms, the less she's sure; is the child holding a spoon? Is it holding hands with one, or both, of the larger figures? Or maybe just letting its arms rest on the table, like all kids do, like her own mother always told her not to - elbows don't belong on the table, Tessa!

She tries some more, but the more she works on it, the less like a child the statue appears. She's overworked the clay, ruined her own sculpture. There's only the man and the woman, and nothing more is left of the family breakfast.

Tessa chokes back a cry. She smashes the clay, squashing all the bits together until there is just one large mass, and no figures, no vision. She punches the clay until it is only clay. Breathless, she only looks at it for a long time.

Then she catches her breath. She adds water to the clay, and starts molding it again. This time, it's a statue of a woman, one single woman; Tessa sees in her mind's eye an amazon, standing solitary and proud.
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Title: Initiation
Fandom: Highlander
Pairing: Kronos/Duncan, +
Prompt: dancing, from [ profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle V
Beta and responsibility: [ profile] ceruleancat

Every step is like dancing... )
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I posted Highlander drabbles on a comm. They're here.

short story

Jan. 5th, 2008 01:05 pm
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Two Trees / a mythology & Methos origin story

When Adam roamed between the trees, looking for leaves to cover his shame, the serpent slid fast and silent towards the other tree. Knowledge wasn't enough for him; the eye-opening experience of gaining a mind, an awareness, the moment of turning from beast to sentient - he'd already done that. He wanted more.

He knew that soon enough, shit would hit the fan. He crawled, slid, slipped quickly up the branches and sank his sharp, elongated teeth into the sweet fruit.

They were both kicked out, of course. But all man had was toil, sweat and tears; all he could look forward to was childbirth and then death. The serpent, now nothing more than a myth, walking on two legs, had neither to expect, to live for. Only immortality to regret.
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Fic: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
[Working] Title: The One Where Wes Gets Sucked
Fandom: Buffy [Angel]
Characters: Giles/Ethan/Wesley
Summary: friends do friends favours
Genre: of the slash pwp variety


Viper: a Kronos drabble.

To Whom It May Concern Responsible For This: a Source drabble.

I actually *liked* "Five Encounters", on the previous links batch.

IJ links

Sep. 28th, 2007 05:04 pm
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Title: Five Encounters On The Road
Main character: Ethan Rayne
Fandoms: Buffy, X-Files, Highlander, Dr Who, Music
Rating: safe for all
Summary: Five Rides Ethan Hitched From Nevada
Five ficlets

Title: Hangover
Character: Giles

IJ links

Sep. 23rd, 2007 06:01 pm
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Bit serious fic:
Title: Shape of Things to Come
Fandom: Buffy
Characters: Ethan, Giles
Summary: Something's coming... Something big


Light fic:
Title: A Mind Game of Pool
Fandom: Buffy
Pairings: Giles/Ethan, possibly implied Xander/Anya
Prompt: from Rentonesque: "pool, games, sunset; [the story] must feature at least a couple of guest characters apart from your otp/ main characters"; Casey & Cat: "Dommy Giles"
Summary: tease


Highlander: discussion/bunny about the Horsemen, plus a nice pic of Duncan in red satin. One of those nights, you see.

Also, I owe quite a few comments on LJ. I'll get to it. Not like anyone's in a rush.
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Title: A Place in the Sun
Fandoms: Buffy, Highlander
Characters: Ethan, Methos
Summary: Ethan's in Spain


Aug. 1st, 2007 09:51 am
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Title: Lughnasadh
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, ofc
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100 challenge #146; Circle of Life

Bless the Gods of the Earth, bless the ground and the sky, bless these rains that will soon come, bless the harvest. Midsummer, and everyone dances, circle within circle, people holding flowers, rejoicing at the year ahead. He dances too, in a circle just for two, hands tied to those of his blushing bride with the wool her grandmother's woven. She's not a shy one, the bride, flushed from the thrill and the dance, and the chill of the night. A year and a day; this time next year their bond will be untied. Methos dances and blesses the harvest.

[100][Q to Methos]
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Title: Four Elements
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, Kronos
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100 challenge #146; Elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

# Fire #

Fire in his eyes, fire in his smile; fire he sets to the first hut, then the next. Fire is a deathly trap around the screaming people, their hair on fire, terror in their eyes. The flames are reflected in Kronos' eyes, bring shining heat to their cold surface. He does this for pleasure, he does this to taste their fear, nothing else. The horses are nervous; they're new ones. They want to turn away, run as far as their strong, long legs will take them. Within months they'll be used to the stench of smoke, indifferent to the flames.

[100][Q to Kronos]

# Water #

His hair is wet, plastered to his face. The lake is placid, green and blue, and he swims, letting the water part under his long strokes. Oasis in mid-desert, between dusty, dead mountains; far away from all dwellings of man. Here they can let the masks fall, let the water wash their faces of war paint. Methos closes his eyes and dives under.

When he rises back to the surface, shaking his head like a dog to drive the droplets out, he notices he's being watched. Kronos sits cross-legged on a patch of sand, observing with hawk-like eyes.

[100][Q to Methos]

# Air #

Hundreds of years may have passed, but still Methos wakes at night, on occasions few and far between, and expects Kronos to be there. He turns to his side, throws his arm around air.

It was his choice to leave, his many good reasons to escape that life which is long gone; still Methos sometimes looks in the mirror and it's Death's face there, and he can hear his brother's laughter.

He dreads the day he'll see Kronos again, fears for his lifestyle if not his life. He thinks he senses someone, turns quickly, and there's nothing there but air.

[100][Q to Caspian]

# Earth #

He digs, sweat on his brow. The shovel hits the hard ground insistently. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, he thinks with bitter amusement. Flesh to flesh. Immortality to the grave.

Shallow graves, he thinks. Deep burials are designed to keep the dead as far from you as possible. He owes them at least this, the shallow. A few feet closer to sunlight. Sentimental? Maybe.

He's doing this alone. No help from MacLeod. He asked for it. Wonders if Kronos would've liked it better or worse this way. Decides it doesn't matter anymore. Leaning on the shovel, Methos silently grieves.

[100][Q to Silas]
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Title: Prima Donnas
Prompt: "Celebrities are able to make demands in their contracts for certain things to be in their dressing rooms. What are your top five demands, and why?"
Warning: lack of serious

Five Highlander:

Kronos demands a slavegirl - they call them "fluffer" these days - and pizza, and a well-decorated throne. He also wants recent issues of medical journals, and a box of matches.

Methos requires beer, and some way to play music - blues and classic rock CDs work fine. A comfortable sofa that fits the highest demands in the field, a high-tech security system, and a good pair of running shoes.

Caspian wants raw snails, throwing knives and "a practice target". He gets disappointed when he's brought a board rather than a person, and his disappointment often leads to him using the bearer of the board as practice target. He also likes to have a full-sized mirror and hair-styling products.

Silas normally wants the room sound-proofed. Rodent-feed and fresh sawdust for his pets, a slavegirl for his penis, and slimfast choco shake.

Duncan wants good wine, a good woman, classical music and a large bed covered in satin. If pressed, his fifth demand would be a hairbrush.

Five Buffy-Angel:

Black candles, red sheets, white cake. A good lighter, and the room must have a sink with running water. Ethan doesn't need much to create much.

An extensive library and a "Do Not Disturb" sign are important to Giles. Other than that, a nice scotch, a pot of tea, and something sweet to eat.

A pack of blood and a pack of smokes, a book of romantic poems, paper and a pen - or feather, indeed. Spike looks tough on the outside, but he doesn't forget his roots.

Lorne wants herbal tea for his voice, massage for his feet, orange juice, sandwiches, and to be left alone before a performance. Secretly, he wants a star on the door.

Lilah lists her demands; a phone, a computer, a desk, a protective circle, and oh, a scarf to hide the wound across her throat.
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Title: Missing Chronicles cont.
Fandom: HL
Character: Joe, Methos
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100 Challenge #145 Missing Chronicles XI
Note: I cheat.
Sequel to this.
Chronicles: Challenge 3 "Swords", Challenge 53 "Watcher Chronicle Entries", Challenge 103 "Little Black Dress", Challenge 109 "Sex"

Three drabbles )
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Title: Missing Chronicles
Fandom: HL
Character: mostly Joe at first, then Methos, then Duncan and Amanda
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100 Challenge #145 Missing Chronicles XI
Note: I cheat.

Three drabbles )
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Title: Kiss of Death
Fandom: Highlander, [?]
Characters: Horsemen
Note: sorry.
Prompt: "kiss", for [ profile] highlander100 #144
Summary: "Once we rode out of the sun..."

Warpaint applied in utter seriousness; mere colours, pigments rubbed on skin, but they bring such a change to a man's face. Each of the ancient immortals concentrates on his pattern, his own unique expression in paint.

The Horsemen ride again.

They walk in a line, Kronos first, Caspian after him, eager; Silas behind, his large figure hulking over the smaller, fleeting mortal helpers who skitter around them. Methos drags his feet, last in line, resigned.

The lights behind them are as bright as the sun, and a voice calls out,

"Ladies and gentlemen, the hottest band in the world, KISS!!!"

[100][Q to Gene Kronos]
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Title: Hath No Fury
Fandom: Highlander, Buffy
Characters: Cassandra, Anyanka
Note: explanation here
Prompt: "wish", for [ profile] highlander100 #144

Like-minded women enjoy a nice cup of ale in a dimly lit tavern in town. Cassandra shares her tale of woe, and the woman across the table nurtures and enflames her anger.

"Don't you wish they would be punished for what they've done to you?"

"I wish... I wish..."

"Yes?" Anya leans forward, eyes alight with vengeance.

"I wish the Horsemen would suffer at each other's hands what I've suffered with them," Cassandra sighs, and leans her head against the wooden table.

Anya shrugs. To each her own, she thinks. "Done," she says, and her demon face shows through.

[100][Q to Kronos]
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Title: One Of A Thousand Regrets
Fandom: Highlander
Character: Cassandra
Summary: just an idea I had that needs work on, but I'm too tired, so drabbled instead.

Heroic as he was, compassionate as he was, Cassandra couldn't help but feel resentment towards Duncan MacLeod. Yes, he believed in second chances, and yes, he fought for her honour, for her safety, but Cassandra could not, did not want, to see his face for a long while after that day.

It left a bitter taste in her mouth. A sense of regret, of loss. Not just the fact that Methos lived, his miserable long existence saved by Duncan's wishes, but even more than that, it was Duncan's victory. The fact it wasn't her own sword that took Kronos' life.



Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:51 pm
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Title: Gender Perceptions of the Psychotic Mind in the Bronze Age
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Caspian
Warning: Caspian
Prompt: "the heart of a woman" off [ profile] creativewriter

Caspian had fallen in love once, with a mortal woman, back when he was almost as young as she was. Her face was pink, her eyes bluer than the mountain lake, and her hair yellow like the crops. She was different than the others, but he didn't know what it was that made her so.

The heart of a woman is inscrutable; she is mystery to man. Caspian did not know how to unlock this box, how to read through this enigma. He did not know how to capture her heart and lure her after him. She married another, and with him she died, grey and old, after many mortal years.

A thousand years later, Caspian is still ripping open through chests, tearing out hearts, slicing them in half and trying to find the hidden secret, the way to a woman's heart.
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Title: Blinded Me With Science
Fandom: Highlander
Type: Gen
Prompt: "Reality Check", challenge #143, highlander100

There can be no such thing as immortals. It contradicts almost everything that is logical or acceptable, laws of physics, of life, of evolution, of most social and anthropological sciences... not to mention their so called "Game", a culture that lasted unchanged for centuries and centuries despite its destructive nature and its reliance on superstition rather than simple common sense.

And with that burst of understanding, all immortals on earth suddenly crumbled into dust, some during very important dinner meetings, and few while playing on the golf course. It was rather inconvenient, but then, science always wins in the end.

[100][Q to Fitz]


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