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Previous generations have reached an age, often an old age, where all their friends and close ones began to die off. "It seems," one would say, "that every other week you put on your best black dress and go to a funeral." Some less lucky generations had to go through it at a much younger age, with war harvesting the young and promising among them. Others succumbed to plagues en masse.

But has any other generation before ours faced the death of heroes and legends in such a large number?

Children's tales often involved the death of a much-hated villain, that much is true. Today's media - popular books, television shows, movies - seem to delight in massacring some much-loved characters, finding joy, it appears, in eliciting emotional agony among fans and casual viewers alike.

At first, perhaps, it was a counter-reaction to the golden rule of drama in olden times: "Never Kill The Hero (Or His Girlfriend)". Shows would kill the hero, or, more often, his girlfriend, in order to shock, to stand out. Highlander caused some grief among its fans, Dragonlance offed a major player. That was all nice and well, but lately it seems the trend is to just kill off characters left and right, treat "happy end" as if it's a dirty, evil word, which must not be spoken in polite company.

Characters I have loved since a child were slaughtered one by one. Drama? That's not drama, it's cheap plot devices. From Joss Whedon to Eureka and Supernatural, heroes we cared about dropped off at an alarming rate. We do not need to be told Death Is Sad, we know that, even as children we know it. We do not need it crammed down our throats twice per finale. The melodramatic, almost operatic crescendo and sudden, swift demise of a fictional person we have loved does not give us an emotional high, it makes us callous on the ten-billionth time it's done, overdone, chewed, spat out, and paraded once more in the guise of originality.

We - children, teens, young adults, adults, old adults - are tired of being force fed all this drama and death. Not that we want a return of the fake, pseudo-cheerful, plastic, pasted-on Happy End of the more mundane Hollywood years; that is not what I call for. But the indiscriminate deaths littering our screens - that really must stop. It's tired. It's as believable as presidential speeches. It only shows that writers stopped caring about their humanoid creations, and only care about the gasps and shock. Please, give us, the audience, more credit than that. We are capable of emotion; we do not need to be hit with it in the face like a shovel between the eyes of a minor, negligible character.


In addition to my earlier rant, regarding the callous, careless deaths in the media:
ETA, possible trigger; CSI )

Discussion found here.
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LJ is now forcing people to log in if they want to read Adult Filtered entries.

LJ has removed all fandom related interests from the top most popular interests.

LJ owes me, acording to their own email, 632 days of extra userpics, which they don't intend to give me.

The list does go on. I'm not going to tell you everything. I put all my stuff here because all of fandom is here. I curse every day that people stay.

How many here would go to IJ?


I don't *like* IJ. More than anything I'd like a squidge service to be available. But it can't be, not now anyway. Still.



ETA the second: this also is a good link.

ETA March 16: Read what she has to say. That is a creepier problem, and one most of us hadn't encountered, but should know about.
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[ profile] babydraco is making some important notes, and asking some important questions about human interaction and group dynamics: what makes some things work? what makes other things die a slow quiet death?
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In the weeks since I heard about [event from Buffy s8], I've been writing quite a bit around that, but did not post. Not planning to, either.

I also wrote other things. Some of which won't be posted, but a few will, because some were for the Porn Battle [thanks [ profile] oxoniensis], which means they'll be over there, so why not here, and while I'm at it, I'll add a couple more to the mix. That will include Mighty Boosh fic. None of you will read it, but I still find it better than having to join one of their comms and admitting I'm "in fandom". For several reasons. Which I won't disclose here.

I will disclose that I was planning to steer clear of the fandom's OTP and only write rarities, but that didn't work out too well. I wrote a first-time fic for them, no less. Very unlike me. I also wrote young!Xander [of legal age], in another fic, which is also unlike me. And Buffy naked and getting some, which also, yeah, unlike me.

Re the Porn [again], I try to write what inspires me and not "for" people, but I will share with you what I prompted/requested, just in case you like. I recommend you'll check everyone's prompts though because that's just fun.

List of things [ profile] ceruleancat and [ profile] sparklebutch thought of:

Under here. )

I am posting this on LJ. Why? Because I'm tired of telling you people that LJ is a curse and you're all idiots. I tried IJ. If there are half a dozen people reading this, there's about two reading there. I'll take my chances here.

Re RL. France, yeah. I was trying to write a post - I am trying, just not very hard anymore. So if you have any specific questions, more specific than "whatever happened to you in the past six months or so", please comment here.

Oh, and I still do owe replies. Lots of them.

Did I miss anything?
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Some good things over at the Porn Battle.
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If you've never listened to me before. If you have and I was right. Listen now:

Squidge dot org. Your best bet for your journaling/fandom future.

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You want my IJ or any other contact information, all you gotta do is ask.

ETA: Links

A collection of links on [ profile] metafandom, regarding the new shit from LJ
We want our money back!
And [ profile] fandom_flies, an exodus community

A bit on the racism wank: [old news now, huh]


Aug. 2nd, 2007 11:02 am
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Can people please stop saying "I'm an obscure unknown little fan, I only get about 30 feedback comments per fic"? It's really, really annoying.

ETA after several hours of sleep: now I feel a bit guilty for posting this, because while it's not aimed at one particular person (I've seen too many with this complaint), it seems more people read this entry than I thought would!
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What I'd really like again is a centralised site, which includes its own chatroom/s. *Misses Evan like woah*. A place where all of fandom, all of fandoms, converge, and from which they can then branch out, always with that site as a focal point.

But that of course requires commitment that I don't think any one fan, or even group of fans, can or will give. Also, sadly, in fandom there's so much politics, hierarchy, even the silent kind, that such a site has very little chance of being impartial and seen as such. Whether as a mere tool, or a fannish warm home, I can't quite see it happening.


I wanted the future, but it seems I rely on the past for ideas; content-based rather than people-based. Separation of state and religion a fan's personal journaling and their fandom-oriented material. One for the benefit of human relations, and one for the benefit of fandom as an interest group.


Also, would be interesting to have a centralised community/list such as [ profile] fandom_counts on other places, for example, as a way for InsaneJournal people to find each other and perhaps even to find similar-interest communities.

Note: Very nearly typed "fandom_cunts". That's not a bad name for something or other.
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Please only click if you tend to read this journal and not just stumbled here by mistake.

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Who amongst ye wants to get friended/added on Insanejournal? And/or has comm recs.

Comments are screened for your privacy.
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Prompts collected for the Porn Battle. I'm only saying, there's hardly any Highlander in there, if at all. Also not nearly enough Buffy slash, in my humble little opinion.
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New Porn Battle coming up. Keep your eyes open.
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[ profile] fandom_counts is at 33,999? Oh come ON. One more, baby!



Now I'm just annoyed about how fandom *didn't* move the hell out of lj. Oh well.
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How quickly fandom forgives and forgets. How strong they rise, and how fast the tide recedes.


May. 31st, 2007 07:49 pm
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Join [ profile] fandom_counts.

I'm pretty sure all of you who read this are fen and proud of it. Join the comm. Be counted. We are a power, and we should not hide.

ETA: however, as a member of quite a few groups all of which hunted in the past, plus as a person who watched Monty Python in their life, I know that when you stand up and get counted, the people with the machine guns cut you down. Also I know that putting your name on a list makes you a target.

I do it anyway. I do it anyway because the worst they can do to me is shut my journal, and boohoo, I don't think anyone will miss that. I went there and listed this lj, and when I have time in a couple of hours I will make aaaallll my other ljs (and comms if I can) join it.
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Say an archive online takes your fanfic and your fanart, and publishes them without asking. It's not for profit, but it's still your stories being featured where you did not give permission for them to be featured.

Infuriating, huh.

Say they do the same not only with your fanfic, but they also take your personal notes and photographs, which at one time were online but were removed for very justified reasons.

A bit on the scary side, isn't it. There's very little you can do. In theory you can ask them (with a code) to never do it again, but that's complicated and requires certain things you don't want to be doing to your site.

If that happened, there would be an uproar in fandom! If your materials were archived where you don't want them, you'd be hurt. Wouldn't you?

No. I'm fuming alone.

I had stories I removed for a reason and non-fannish pics I took off for a reason, and they are all online. Fandom seems to think it's the greatest tool the internet's ever given them.

It's the Wayback machine, of course.

Now, there's a file you can add to your site (if you managed to find it, and you know enough how to handle your site to do so), and then if you "add your URL here" the Wayback claims they'd get off your back. Minor issue with this: the "add here" thing adds you to another crawler engine. And what if I don't want to? And what if your stealing - yes, STEALING - my things originally was, in my opinion of course, wrong?

It seems sometimes that I'm the only person on the internet, let alone in fandom, who sees anything wrong with this. With archiving my things without asking - without telling, in fact, because if I hadn't been informed by a random stranger, I'd never have even known it was there.

I know that some of you want access to the stories of authors that have long left your fandom or even the net, but many authors remove their things because it's their choice. Remember the part about the choice?


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