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This just caught my eye on the telly:

Second Doctor Charged Over Terror Plot

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Title: Kiss of Death
Fandom: Highlander, [?]
Characters: Horsemen
Note: sorry.
Prompt: "kiss", for [ profile] highlander100 #144
Summary: "Once we rode out of the sun..."

Warpaint applied in utter seriousness; mere colours, pigments rubbed on skin, but they bring such a change to a man's face. Each of the ancient immortals concentrates on his pattern, his own unique expression in paint.

The Horsemen ride again.

They walk in a line, Kronos first, Caspian after him, eager; Silas behind, his large figure hulking over the smaller, fleeting mortal helpers who skitter around them. Methos drags his feet, last in line, resigned.

The lights behind them are as bright as the sun, and a voice calls out,

"Ladies and gentlemen, the hottest band in the world, KISS!!!"

[100][Q to Gene Kronos]

Oh shit.

Jun. 14th, 2007 04:16 am
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Zombies attacked yesterday and I was so wrapped up in my own little issues that I completely missed out on the world annihilation business.

Thanks to [ profile] silvercobwebs what reminded me.

ETA: I wanted you to hear a song. Sadly, I only found it as a Star Wars vid - maybe not sadly. But listen to the words please.
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"Look what I found in this book," Ethan said, a glint in his eyes...

under here )

Friendship is a thing to treasure, Rupert thought.

and here )

Okay, this is just...

and here )
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I would like you to watch two vids:
This first
and this second

and then tell me, how can anyone be surprised about a whole generation turning out so fucked up?

If you enjoy, laugh, or cover your eyes with your hands (or gouge them out), you may want to also watch:
A third and fourth.
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Oh, my. Oh wow. I forgot... I forgot how much I loved Meloni and Tergesen. I forgot all the cute.

I forgot the quotes, the incredible quotes. I forgot just how dysfunctional two mortals can be if given the chance.
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Methos walks down the street.... )

Blame: mostly Paul Simon, partly one Methos.
Blame for posting: Cat and Cali
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Title: Care Bear Package
Fandom: Highlander
Explanation and excuses: all specifications came from [ profile] mischief5; she managed to reach heights of wtf even I couldn't get to on my own. So, in short, everything is her fault, and I had to make sure it's known to everyone who reads. Thank you.
Summary: We share everything.

The big man was on his back, legs spread, ass glistening with lube.

"Look, Methos," he said with an excited giggle. "Kronos gave me a present. I asked him for one of those little bears..."

Methos took a closer look and indeed, there it was. A lavender coloured plastic dildo, shaped like a care-bear.

"The fuck?" Exclaimed Death.

"I think... Oh," Silas groaned, "that [ profile] mischief5 made [ profile] sparklebutch make Kronos give it."

Methos sighed. He reached very carefully and removed the offensive item from his brother. He then walked to [ profile] mischief5 and quietly, calmly, hit her over the head with it.

[end][100 words]
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Title: His Glowing Member
Prompt: [ profile] highlander100, "sex"
Note: This is set in The Strange World of K/M/D
Blame: [ profile] cyberducks, here.

"Why is your penis glowing?"

"I am not sure," Methos says, looking downwards with a worried expression on his strangely illuminated face.

"Maybe it's radioactive," Kronos says, curiously excited.

"Maybe it's the fairies, bewitched it with their magic dust," says Duncan in a slightly more pronounced accent than usual.

"Yes, it's a magical wand," Kronos mocks.

"Well, it's not Iran's new weapon!" Duncan gets irritated.

They ponder it, while Methos tries on semi-sheer skirts for the somewhat hippie lampshade effect.

"Maybe it's that it's the centre of the universe," Kronos reaches a conclusion eventually.

"Yes, it's probably that," Duncan agrees.

[100][Q to Fitz. Ask me not for a reason.]
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The Superhero Game

Superheroes are real! They're all around us! We see them every day, and we just don't know about it.

Example: here )

Designing a Stupid Wedding

Sheila: I've never heard of the Designing a Stupid Wedding game
Adam: Sure you have
Adam: We pick a pairing, we design their fictional wedding
Adam: It's like writing, only all fluff and no stress

Example: here [Spike/Angel]

Taking Over the World

We make a happier future while releasing the stress, by discussing the great world that will be once we are supreme ruler of all the damn 'verse. Simple, yet effective.

Example: here

Designing a Home

What will your ideal home have? A pool? Slave boys? A life-size replica of Michael Rosenbaum made of blue cheese? Laser cannons in the yard? The moon? Design with your friends, so you may inspire each other to newer, funner things to have in your wonderful virtual home.

Also available from #SerenityR'Us:
Writing game
Slash game
Not Serious Chat RP game


Sep. 1st, 2006 06:41 am
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Link: Drusilla's View of Family: an essay. Read. Also try to think about Kronos.

Note: am I the only one who thinks that when Kronos and Duncan fight, it's incredibly hot?

Whine: I'll probably regret posting this later. )

Link: That makes me happy.
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I don't really get stories, I get flashes of images.

And in my head I see those old ancient folk songs that people sing while dressed in traditional outfits and dancing around the fire. And I look and I see a bunch of strange computer geeks dancing in a circle with the arms together, singing "llama llama duck".

Also, Spike and Angel getting married. )


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