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Title: The Nature Of Felines
Fandom: Buffy
Pairing: Giles/Ethan, est.ship
Summary: Cali said, "Write cats." She also detailed. [note to self: rupertcats.txt]

The nature of felines )
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I had a sex dream about John Glover! Ho Go me.

I took some pictures of my cats. Scans soon to follow.

Mood: Hating on ya'll.
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Our Feline Poetry
lacks in its lyricism.

"For I am kitten
tiny kitten
fuzzy kitten
of love.
With the tiny kitten ears
and the tiny kitten nose
and the fuzzy furry kitten
of love."

my point
on the lyricism
of Feline Poetry?

with love
to Maya and Sam]

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These - are my cats.


Feb. 6th, 2006 03:12 pm
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Remember the Jungle Book? And tigers are afraid of fire? All animals are? Remember we were taught that?

Remember when my incredibly stupid - she's usually smart, but omg - cat Maya went to sit on a table on top of a burning candle?! Remember when the house smelt like wax on fur and the damn kitty didn't even notice anything was wrong except for us panicking?

AHHHHHH. What. Is wrong. With the 'verse?!!!


Jan. 16th, 2006 06:55 am
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The thing is, *continues Adam as if he was never interrupted*, the thing is that it's not just pettins she wants, it's food. And i'm a big softie [no jokes on that please], and I cannot starve a kitten to death, even if she's in fact a small furry cow. So I throw her out of bed a few times and don't let her wake human!Cat, but in the end, I get up and get her food. And then I stand guard so Sam doesn't eat her food and she doesn't eat him his. I think when we're allowed to leave a bowl of food out during the night she might bother us less. I also think I should return to bed while I can.

I'd like to thank all the nice people who helped. You're like a support group. I appreciate that.


Jan. 15th, 2006 02:00 pm
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Attention cat people.

We seriously need help.

One of the cats doesn't sleep. She wakes us every hour or two at night. Even if we play with her all day, even if she has food. She wakes us, and she wakes the other cat to pick fights with him if he doesn't want to play. We're both... we feel as if we have babies that cry all night - we don't get a moment's peaceful sleep, and it's affecting everything.

Do you have an idea/tip/trick to make it stop? To make the cat realise that we need some hours of sleep and can't wake to her every whim? We try ignoring, but it's very hard when a feline stands on your head...
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I need cat people

Please, I really need your input: Had anyone ever taken cats that were mostly outdoor cats - who come and go as they please - and turned them into full-time indoor cats who are not allowed out? Can that be done with adult cats? What are the hardships I'm looking at? What changes to the house do I have to do? And to my lifestyle?


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