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It's been a very long time since I cared at all about any award show....

And now? NRJ is this Saturday, and I hope for new artist, group and album (okay, it's not a picture of the album).

And BAFTA, even a nomination is cool! Duncan Jones is up with Moon for outstanding British film and outstanding debut director.
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"Subject: Happy David's Birthday!

Have a happy-happy-happy David's Birthday!

Like David, may it be delightfully full of surprises,
creative, and unusually long.



ETA: stuff I just learned: Amber Benson was born on the same day as David and Elvis. Lucky her! :)
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For all your birthday needs, wishes and love, you might want to check [ profile] bowie_daily.


Mar. 14th, 2007 07:59 am
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Homoerotica please.

Feel free to ignore the ending.
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Title: Erato
Challenge: "Velvet Goldmine, Curt/Brian, rhythm" for [ profile] sarkastic
At [ profile] oxoniensis' Porn Battle

It's in the rhythm, and no matter what else went between them, Brian still has that rhythm, still has the music; taps his fingers thoughtfully with the beat while he listens to someone else's music in a bar, taps and lets the rhythm light up his face with the same old passion, like it always has.

Still has that rhythm of flirtation, a look that lasts forever, a beckoning look, pure invitation to rise up from the stool and just on the right beat, right moment, walk up to him. He uses just the right words, the tempo in them unadulterated seduction, thumps against Curt's chest, against his heart.

And the rhythm of their fucking; that was never wrong, that was always perfect. Even strung out and wild, even drunk, it was always right for each other. Still is. Curt moans in rhythm. Brian's face, concentration like he's writing a song; Curt knows this face. Like music playing inside Brian's head that puts him in the right rhythm. Blood pumping in Curt's ears, heart beating in his chest. Cock throbbing, Brian's hand on it pumping. Brian's cock inside him. In. Out. In. Out. In. In. In.

Rhythm accelerates. In the crescendo, Curt comes, shouting out and the sound fits, takes him higher. Brian's still at it. Bites his lip. Determined. In the rhythm, but he loses it, misses a beat, and then falls forward like a mad vertigo avalanche harder and faster and fuck, he comes, with another thrust, and another, and halt.

They lie there panting.

Hearts slowing down.

Sweat cooling off.

Curt feels... sated. He glances to the side. Brian has a little smile playing on his lips, in his eyes. Still gorgeous. Maybe even more so, now. Less pretty, but more beautiful.

"I love your latest album," he blurts, and that's such a groupie line they both burst out laughing. He turns and climbs on top of Brian, kisses those lips briefly before looking into his eyes, serious. "I mean it," he amends. "I love your music."

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From [ profile] iofiel_:

If you wonder where I've been. )

Vid: For those of you who managed to miss Peter Wingfield in silver and pink.

Vid: And also, Golden Years

Art: This is fucking gorgeous and it's from [ profile] fajrdrako I believe.

Meme: List the people in your icons. Re-arrange by ABC. Pair up in that order. Laugh:
Here are *some* of mine: )
...Or in my case, be surprised by how WELL these things work out.

[ profile] ceruleancat, please notice: much later ETA )

ETA the next day:

From [ profile] silvercobwebs:

What I find amusing is that the test started with: Which character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are you most like? This personality test will ask you questions regarding a number of factors (well... okay... four) to determine which character fits you best. Don't be offended if it's, like, Adam. 'Kay?

Didn't get Adam, though. )

Then - don't judge - I took it for Ethan.

Can't say I like the result itself, but the description, not bad. )
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Five things Ethan gave to Giles - [ profile] caia_comica

Five things Ethan gave to Giles )


Five people (none of whom are Giles) who Ethan would shag/has shagged - [ profile] anidada

Chase, Dick, David, Adam, Dru )


Five Times Methos Failed to Kill Kronos - [ profile] killabeez

Five Times Methos Failed to Kill Kronos )


Five things that Kronos killed that he regretted - [ profile] cyberducks

Very short one. )


Five historical figures Methos will not admit he knew, and why - [ profile] darthhellokitty

Five historical figures... )


Five things Kronos never told Methos and why? - [ profile] mischief5

These ones are on the short and slightly funnier side, because all the angst was getting me down. )

*Man, that was fun. I should do that again some time. All the time, even.


Jun. 30th, 2006 02:25 pm
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Things to slash crossover with Highlander: The Hunger.
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I was just asked how much 9 inch is in cm, and I answered on the spot.

Is it because I knew the answer in advance? No. It is because I'm good at math? Hell no. Why then?

Because of an old conversation in the old TW room regarding the size of David Bowie's penis versus the size of Ty's [the guy I was talking to] penis.

I love when fandom combined with porn begets knowledge and brains.

*Quote from Xander.


Feb. 14th, 2006 08:49 am
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"I suppose if I were a lot older--like 40 or 50--I'd be a wonderful sugar daddy to some little queen down in Kensington. I'd have a houseboy named Richard to order around." DB, 1976

Note to self: Dear self, you will not write Bowie. Therefore, you will not write Bowie/Nightwing. Even if it's pretty.
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-Book Review from - very interesting. Sheila, pay attention.

-This first quote is a cute thing from Axl Rose about David Bowie.

-Iman interview.
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My poor soul, all bruised passivity...

Resentful )


On a completely unrelated note:

The Soldier: Zoe
"The Soldier"

Which Firefly character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


Dec. 2nd, 2005 07:50 pm
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Life on Mars was on today; I haven't heard or seen it in ages.

And then it hit me: I know what Kronos' problem with Methos is. Why he still wants it all after thousands of years.

It's not who the man is, or what he does. It's the heights he's capable of reaching. Once you know that, you can never forget it, and it always touches you.
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"Men are from Mars; I'm from Bromley." ~David Bowie


May. 8th, 2004 12:16 am
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Ziggy and Justice League. Dangerous mix.

"John, I'm only dancing". Who knows the lyrics? MMMMBowie.

Bruce. To John? Or J'onn? About Diana. Or something.

Gods. I need to go to sleep.


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